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The 2016 Jiangxi International Art Expo twelve theme plate published 2016 art Jiangxi International Fair twelve theme plate released? 2016 art Jiangxi International Expo "Star" Pierre Marie Brisson, 150 x 150 cm, Mixed media on paper Galerie Bruno Massa: exhibitors Hermosa Gallery (France) 2016 Jiangxi International Art Expo will be held on September 30th at the Nanchang international the new exhibition center opening. The art fair in an art night, 12 theme plates and a plurality of peripheral theme exhibition as the main content, in the last year "porcelain Chinese" and traditional "painting space" and "cross-border forum" four major theme plates on the basis of this new eight theme: "Red Classics" plate "regional extraction" biographies of contemporary "Jiangyou landscape" and "Jiangxi man" and "drama" and "literary art" and "creative culture", is brilliant, it is worth looking forward to. We four main theme plate "porcelain Chinese" China in Ceramics China porcelain, is not only a symbol of the nation, is a broad cultural symbol. Ceramic production in Jiangxi has a long and glorious history. In addition to the well-known Jingdezhen ceramics, famous and Hongzhou kiln, Jizhou kiln, Ganzhou seven Town kiln and the White House Nanfeng kiln. They are the production of fine products, is still regarded as treasures, for the people of the world. This is the advantage of Jiangxi, Jiangxi is also the cultural name card, in many city art exhibition, Jiangxi ceramics how to establish their own brand, talent shows itself, will be the Jiangxi international exposition of art direction. The birth and development of ceramics has gone through a long period of time, it contains a unique feature of the story of the city changes, is worth listening to the world to listen to a Chinese story. China on the plate is designed to tell the story of the Chinese ceramic art. The traditional Looking Back to Tradition with the 5000 year history of the Chinese nation, the formation and development of Chinese calligraphy and painting has gone through a long road. The long history, the ancient nation, the splendid culture, has bred the unique art. After the artist’s hard work and exploration, China calligraphy and painting with its unique observation methods and forms, unique artistic charm, has formed a complete system, with a strong and distinctive artistic characteristics, occupies an extremely important position in the world of painting history. Today, all kinds of so-called innovative calligraphy and Chinese painting are only words emerge in an endless stream, innovation, other traditional industry, it is very necessary to Public opinions are divergent., look back to tradition. Paula Oriental style and national characteristics China painting, not only inherited the essence of traditional art, which is a big problem how to treat the traditional cultural value. The theme of the plate with traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, painting and other art forms, showcase new era of traditional art style.相关的主题文章: