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2016 who is the Amy? The new generation of small meat won the best actor – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to foreign media reports, once a year the Emmy Awards ceremony of 18 local time in Losangeles debut, best drama actress is most concerned about the outside world. Awards (Emmy) is the highest award in the United States television, by the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) awarded. Julia Louis-Dreyfus with vice president won the best comedy actress. Emmy, Egyptian American actor Marek Lamy (Rami Malek) with a "hacker army" won an Emmy Award for best actor in a drama series. He appeared in several movies and TV series is well known, such as "family war," the Pacific "and" Museum wonderful night "etc.. Best drama actress, Tatiana Mars Rani (Tatiana Maslany) with "black orphan" won the award, and Marek respectively as the emperor after winning. It is worth mentioning that Marek first nominated best actor won the award. Comedy category, the performance of transparent family (Transparent) Geoffrey (Jeffrey Tambor) won the best comedy actor award. Julie – (Julia) on the performance of "two masters" (Veep), won the best actress comedy category Award (Louis-Dreyfus).相关的主题文章: