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2021 – the first year or become driverless car technology Sohu DeepTech Technology MIT Technology Review – – – – – exclusive Ford recently announced that it will be put into operation in 2021 fully automatic driverless car, before the hidden Ford rarely talk about unmanned in public, this time they have made is no steering wheel and brake it unmanned vehicle. The new unmanned vehicle objective of the first phase is to carry goods and passengers to carpool. A series of recent actions also confirmed their determination, Ford has just acquired specializing in video image processing machine learning algorithm to radar optical Israel Corp SAIPS, company Velodyne has invested $75 million to expand their team size in Silicon Valley. Artaud (Palo Alto) at the press conference, Ford CEO Mark? Fields (Mark Fields) expression for the past 10 years the rapid development of unmanned technology at. Coincidentally, BMW also announced in 2021 to fully automatic driverless car iNEXT Road flagship news. The Germans have the same powerful helper, Intel and Mobileye in. Incidentally, Israel Mobileye company just Tesla and break up, the reason is mutual dislike…… In addition to the two grand plan announced a high-profile 5 year old, the other car manufacturers, such as Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Audi, unmanned vehicle research and development plan is also put on the table, they may want to ‘muffled fortune. ". As the era of technology giant, Google has a leading technology in unmanned, but Internet Co is not enough to control the automotive production line. Just lost the Google driverless project technical director invited the former modern (Hyundai) CEO John classique (John? Krafcik). In addition, Tesla has already completed the test of semi autonomous unmanned function. The recent fire machine learning scuffle in unmanned, specializing in machine learning algorithm software company to usher in the spring of their own. Many car manufacturers through the acquisition of small software companies gradually narrowed the gap with Google tesla. General Motors recently bought $1 billion worth of start-up companies Cruise. Oxbotica, a start-up from University of Oxford, says its software will allow any vehicle to become unmanned. Even the taxi companies Uber and Lyft have not been idle, test all the "unmanned taxi". Full automatic driverless one lively scene, that we really can say 5 years later to see it? In fact, a brief review of these technology companies will find love "5 years" of the word is: 2012 Sergei (Sergey Brin)? Brin said "5 years later, everyone will be able to buy unmanned vehicle"; 2014 Elon Musk? (Elon Musk) said the same thing, last year, Google announced the final version of unmanned driving.相关的主题文章: