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Sales-Management Lead Management consists of the entire business process and practices in an organization directed towards acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, and establishing the brand in the market. Lead management is a complex process consisting of lead generation, capturing lead, filtering leads and assignment of qualified leads to the marketing team for lead nurturing and high priority leads to sales team for conversions. The goal of an effective lead management system is to help track and manage the entire lead lifecycle till it results in sales, thereby increasing revenues and ROI. Lead Management includes the following stages a. Lead Generation run online and offlline campaigns like email & ads, cold calls b. Lead Qualification filtered leads for potential c. Lead Assignment assign leads to corresponding team member d. Lead Followup followup with the prospect e. Prospecting, Proposal gets into sales cycle, with followups and sending proposal as per prospects requirements. f. Lead Closure getting the order Effective Lead Management with SalesBabu CRM SalesBabu provides B2B enterprises a powerful and easy to use solution based on cloud computing platform that effectively enables lead management throughout the lead lifecycle. This tool can be configured as per your business and sales process making it easly adaptable. Its easy to learn and simple approach has reduced learning time and users are productive from day 1. The SalesBabu Lead Management Software solution enables a. Lead Generation – Captures leads generated from marketing campaigns resulting in website visits and converts anonymous website visitors into leads b. Business Intelligence – Unmatched lead insight using unique data mining and business intelligence technology, including identification of website visitor intent, resulting in enriched leads a. Lead Qualification – Automatically scores and prioritizes leads based on pre-defined parameters related to activity, interest and intent b. Lead Nurturing – Enables personalized and intent driven lead nurturing program aimed at building relationships and bringing prospects close to sale-readiness c. CRM Integration – Integrates with existing CRM systems, thereby aligning Marketing and Sales’ efforts and offers a common platform with a consolidated view of the prospects. d. Collaboration – Cost-effective collaboration opportunities with partners and affiliates, along with one-click integration with existing social networking platforms e. Analytics – Provides an understanding of the effectiveness of the marketing strategies and channels, helping make appropriate decisions to improve overall performance, optimize cost and increase ROI. Get the best out of your marketing efforts, optimize cost and increase ROI with an intelligent Lead Management system from SalesBabu CRM. SalesBabu CRM has been helping customer who are looking for salesforce automation india, crm india, sfa india, sfa software india, crm solution india, marketing software india, contact management india, sales software india, sales automation india, sales management india, online crm india. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: