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Data-Recovery Primarily, document management solutions improve the way your business manages its records. You could transform your business by eliminating paper. Or, you could enhance your existing digital records and associated processes. Regardless why they adopt document management solutions, businesses save time and money, among several other benefits. The best document management systems improve business processes without requiring a major overhaul. For this reason, companies of all sizes and within a wide variety of industries readily adopt them. Regulatory Compliance Several other external factors speed adoption of document management solutions. Additional legislation requires companies and industries to adhere to special requirements for record keeping. Financial services and health care companies represent prime targets. For example, Sarbanes-Oxley compels companies to prove financial information has not been altered. HIPAA requires privacy for all patient medical records. Non-compliance with either of these regulations can result in organizations paying huge fines. Document management solutions help keep records and information accurate and safe. Manufacturing is one sector that pursues ISO 9000/9001 certification. To become certified, companies must demonstrate data is original, secure and unaltered. Document management ensure company records can qualify for certification. Functional Enhancements Document management solutions help streamline certain business functions. Examples include human resources, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Typically, these departments use a lot of paper processes. By migrating to document management systems for these functions, companies can increase efficiency, become more productive and lower costs. Any functional area within the company can benefit from document management solutions. If operations would improve from eliminating paper, enforcing naming conventions, ensuring strict approval processes, creating consistent procedures and more, then document management should be considered. A Host of Benefits In addition to helping comply with regulations, achieve certifications and improve departmental functions, document management solutions can provide many other advantages: – Reduced costs. Companies save money by not having to devote employees to handling paper, such as filing, retrieving, etc. Staff doesnt need to recreate damaged or lost paper documents. Office space can devoted to more productive uses. Warehouse space for archives can be eliminated. And, paper documents dont have to be physically shipped to other locations. – Improved security. Document management solutions provide multiple layers of security against hackers, identity thieves, disgruntled employees, unauthorized access and more. They also create an audit trail so companies know who accessed or updated any document. – Greater mobility. Document management allows employees to access company information online remotely. Anytime, anywhere access is a major plus for productivity, convenience and employee satisfaction. – Disaster recovery. When compared to paper, digital records are more likely to survive in the event of a natural disaster, like a fire or flood. Making an electronic back-up to be kept safely off-site is a big benefit of having electronic records. – Greater Conformity. With processes better defined and consistent, document management forces employees to conform. In addition, processes remain uniform even when new employees come on-board or current employees take vacation. MES Hybrid Document Systems is Canada’s leading document scanning services company. For over 40 years, MES Hybrid Document Systems have been providing document management solutions and document scanning services in Ontario. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: