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Change-Management The independence period in Africa has long been started. But after that period, nothing is changed. Supposedly, urbanization will follow after a region regained their freedom. Since there was nothing changed in leadership development, the whole continent’s suffering continued. But now, if we are to assess the Black Continent’s current condition, we can say that they have made improvement and free to predict that the development will continue on the next decades, hopefully. Urbanization is the way to open up growth opportunities, and it has finally invaded the once poor continent. With this development, a lot of good things are about to happen. There are foreseen growth on investments, domestic and international economy and of course, Africa itself. Several sectors were touched like infrastructure, education, health, media and so forth. Poor urbanization in Africa roots from the awful business policies and governance. Because of this, the business environment became frightful for investors. This leads to a very low employment rate. Only few Africans have decent jobs while others are left starving and dying while trying to find something to put on their plate. This is one reason why poverty is an epidemic, and growth is something surreal. After five decades of life under unsureness, Africa has finally become certain with their goals. They realized the through urbanization, many greater things will come to them. And they worked on it, starting with transformation in governance, aiming to provide economic growth. Their hardworks were paid off because according to many researches, African countries are among the roaring countries when it comes to development. African countries are currently experiencing the most rapid urbanization. This is initially because of the economical growth that each countries have posted. Countries like Rwanda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria, Mauritius, Ghana, etc. are among those countries where investments are flooding. Rural residents are migrating to the cities where they thought they’ve got a room to grow, a globally typecasted decision for families looking for a good life. Other than that, urbanization created a central market for each of African countries. That is what every nation needs, and that is what investors are looking for so they can have a point to explore the opportunities. And at last, they’ve found it, and it is more than what they have expected. Due to urbanization, people find ways so they can visit and make use of the business opportunities and growth in Africa. Development in infrastructure is one of those things that made business doing easier. The progress in banking and finance, accommodation, property owning, business costs, consumer market and behavior and the learning workforce are also reasons why it is a great decision to invest in Africa. China saw all of these, and look what they are now. Business opportunities in Africa is unraveled to its people and other countries by urbanization. The country is hoping to do better by letting investors ride with what is happening to them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: