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Networking The internet has given a lot of business the opportunity and power to reach several customers and those who might find the need in your company to become a customer. Your businesses name and logo are very important for the success of your business. Having a person or company jack your companys brand or logo can harm your business and make it hard to recover from the damage that was done. is in business to protect you from Brand Name Squatting On Social Networks. We specialize in making sure that many of the top social networks that you might want to market your business on are being marketed strictly by your business and no one else. Running a business can be hard work. All of the dedications that you made to get your business to the point where it has a good reputation, a lot of loyal customers, and good revenue to come in can take months if not years. If your business is left unprotected, all of you and your staffs hard work can change for the worst overnight. Many people have witnessed it online. A well-known companys brand and logo has been jacked by people that are not in any way affiliation with the business and they use the businesses information to mislead customers, talk bad about the business, or even try and steal the customers personal information. This ultimately leads to the company that has worked so hard to gain a good reputation seeing their companys reputation diminished. This doesnt have to be you. By Claim Brand Profile On Social Networks, you can save your company from having to repair their reputation. At Claimbrand once you give us your information and password, we will be able to search over 600 top social networks using a Claim Brand Username to see if your brand is being used anywhere. Once we have established that your brand name or logo is not being used, we can reserve your usernames and strong passwords and email them to you in a secure email. You can then visit the website that you want to visit and put the content pertaining to your company that you want to put on their website. Brand Protection On Twitter is just one of the many company that you would want to be protected from. There are other sites like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo that can also give brand and logo jacking the ability to easily give your company a bad name. We offer your brand and logo the protection that it needs from the people that would want to harm your business on social media sites. The good news for you is that Claimbrand offers you affordable rates at half the price of the Knowem Competitor. is a company that prides itself in being able to provide quality protection to companies that care about the reputation of their business. We are in the business to make sure that your brand and logos are not being misused and ill-represented so you can concentrate on your customers and growing your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: