Feng Xiaogang I’m a victim. I’m not afraid of anything. Wang Sicong’s vision 1926年属相�

Feng Xiaogang: I was a victim of I is not afraid of the thing, Wang Sicong eyes failures – "I am not Pan Jinlian" entertainment Sohu in Shanghai roadshow entertainment Sohu (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling article) director Feng Xiaogang for his new book "I am not Pan Jinlian" in the Wanda cinema row piece rate is low, only 10% left and right, therefore, "Xiao Gang gun" rip Wang Jianlin directly in the micro-blog open Xinshou, national husband Wang Sicong also direct the war, a time triggering an avalanche of controversy. In November 19th, "I am not Pan Jinlian" roadshow in Shanghai, director Feng Xiaogang, Yu Hewei, Zhang Yi, Fan Bingbing and Tsung-Han Lee starring rally. Talk with Wanda grudges, Feng Xiaogang said: "I was a victim, Wanda left a mouth is right a mouth pumping, I’m the director and I am not afraid of things!" In addition, "I am not Pan Jinlian" on the first day at the box office in Shen Yong, Feng Xiaogang unashamedly to Wang Sicong shouted: "low row piece caused a loss to wanda! Explain your vision and make a big mistake in the assessment of the film!"   Feng Xiaogang bluntly is a victim in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian", Fan Bingbing plays the role of rural women Li Xuelian in order to prove their way not Pan Jinlian heads to Beijing, overturned a pile cap. The film is also an unusual way to go, let the friendship between China and the release of Wanda two film company executive Ye Ning quit caused by the long-term running intensified. "I am not Pan Jinlian" was released on the first day of the row piece rate of around 40%, but the row of film Wanda cinema gives only about 10% of the rate. Feng Xiaogang on the social networking platform with "Pan Jinlian" tone to write an open letter to Wanda boss Wang Jianlin, said: "this small mind, reflects the small pattern; and this is a grand blueprint for the small pattern, not the achievements of the chairman wang". Wang Jianlin’s son, Wang Sicong immediately counterattack, said Wanda to the row of film is not a small film, they do not look good. The conference site, Feng Xiaogang is still angry, he said: "as a result of Wanda and Huayi Company grudges and contradictions, to revenge revenge Wanda to the director, I hope more people see me as a director of the film, this is not a fair approach. Before the "rock", "Tibetan mastiff Lu? Know Ma Li" is also the case, Huayi is still a little afraid, experienced a low row piece two times he dare not say, because no Huayi theaters, can’t put this sipolian. But this time Wanda left a mouth right son of a mouth to hit me, with six Ye said: I am not afraid of things. Our Pan Jinlian is not afraid of anything."   Fan Bingbing attended the roadshow Feng Xiaogang also claimed that Huayi chairman Wang Zhongjun had also because it went to Wanda apology, but Wanda Square did not ignore, continue to follow the revenge. "I put this contradiction open," I am not Pan Jinlian "and" romantic "and then die, there are a lot of movies, their works have been in retaliation for the two companies and contradictions, this is not fair!" Users of both languages are discussed with man Wang Sicong, streams of people busily coming and going, at Feng Xiaogang is too strong. In this regard, Feng Xiaogang said: I am a strong person, I was a victim, not only in front of two Huayi director has been"相关的主题文章: