Beijing Lianzhuang 7 car accident caused 1 dead 4 injured, the perpetrators are not drunk driving 嘿嘿taxi

Beijing Lianzhuang 7 car accident caused 1 dead 4 injured, the perpetrators are not drunk driving accident scene two car rollover, severely damaged. Users for the figure almost scrapped state black Audi was dragged away from the scene. Chief Photographer Wu Ning photo original title: Lishuiqiao South 7 vehicles collided with a train driver driving direction red light 1 deaths caused 6 car collision accident 4 people were slightly injured reporter Tian Jiexiong yesterday at 12 pm, Chaoyang District Lishuiqiao South Road and Spring Garden Road intersection with 7 car crash, two truck rollover, the vehicle was severely damaged. According to the traffic control department, the driver training driving a small passenger car when traveling from south to north, waiting for a red light and in the same direction at the intersection of 6 vehicles collided. After the accident, emergency vehicles, fire and traffic police rushed to. Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Beijing emergency center, after the accident, the injured 5 people have been sent to General Hospital of China Aviation for treatment. The scene of the accident, 7 vehicles collided over two vehicles yesterday at 12 pm, Chunhua road and Garden Road intersection of Metro Line 5 Lishuiqiao station on the south side of the 7 car crash occurred. Beijing morning news reporters from the video to see, multi vehicle accident in the crosswalk intersection on the central stack, including a white gold and a black Audi car rollover, several injured back in the car. The reporter arrived at the scene after the accident, some vehicles have been cleared from the scene, leaving almost scrapped status of black and orange red Audi Chevrolet is placed at the intersection on the north side, sanitation workers and staff working for the trailer. According to witnesses, the accident scene scattered bolicha ground and auto parts, vehicle recognition. 3 in the afternoon, with the last vehicle was towed away from the accident, the accident scene cleared, two-way traffic has returned to normal. Nearby residents: the intersection of the phenomenon of frequent break lights around 12, I was busy doing business, I heard ‘Bang’ sound, startled me." Witness the accident Mr. Wang told reporters that the accident is Audi car in the intersection lights change not caused by slowing, "was to catch up with the lights turned red, on the road from south to north, opened in the front of the car in the facet and stop, only Audi car fast, I do not know is not to grab the light hit up." According to Mr. Wang recalled, the accident of the 7 cars were Jinbei, Jetta, Audi, Chevrolet, BAIC and two microbus. "Although the gold cup and the Audi rollover occurred, but it looks like people in the car should hurt the most, Audi car is not what happened, after the crash the car climbed out of a man and a woman." Mr. Wang said that after the accident occurred in the direction of the road from south to North congestion, 1 hours after being eased. According to a number of nearby residents, said the intersection of the vehicle hit the lights frequently. Traffic Bulletin: 4 people injured 1 people died in the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Beijing emergency center, the 12 01, Beijing 120, rushed to the scene after the alarm, 5 injured and sent to the General Hospital of China Aviation of China Medical University. Last night, the traffic control department reported that in October 26th 12 pm, in Chaoyang District Beiyuan Road and相关的主题文章: