Although Jiang Xin thick legs, but she has a good fortune but steady entertainment actress ten Stree 霍金hawking

Although Jiang Xin legs thick, but she has a merit but steady left ten Street entertainment actress Jiang Xin to tell the truth, this is indeed to legs were a little stout. But what if it does? So why don’t you skin white people admire? And it is white to casually throw ten Street street this color, even if you get entertainment, but also the first few decent, in addition to Bing Bing and Li Xiaoran, the entertainment industry, there are a few people dare to fight with the color of the skin? In addition to the skin white light can be half an entertainment, said Jiang Xin’s face had no one dare to question? 360° no dead capital looks good! Do you think "The Legend of Zhen Huan" has beautiful color Hua Fei corner, is playing to play? Skin white beauty even, Jiang Xin is forced to recognize the fact that the pectoralis major, although she has been very traditional, basically do not wear sexy clothes. But to see large Ode to joy ah, and Liu Tao, Elmar the size, or exposed ha do not know is not only to the entertainment chest for Liu Yanlai to stand in the town相关的主题文章: