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Comments received: stock index fell 0.12% to 3100 points to hold down 0.26% gem hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide early Monday Sina Financial News, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities to open lower, the three major indexes different decline after the opening, followed by maintaining low volatility. Due to the weekend more negative news, making the risk aversion warming gold plate higher. Intraday stock index dropping to 3080 points after the rebound, the fixed point to stabilize the situation. Afternoon brokerage stocks pulled transaction, to drive the market to meteoric rise, the stock index was above 3100. Then, time shares leading laiyifen again limit the 6 connecting plates, driven by market sentiment picked up. At the close, the stock index reported 3100.49 points, down 3.78 points, or 0.12%, stock index closed up in October, up by 3.2%. The Shenzhen Component Index at 10704.30 points, down 6.74 points, or 0.06, entrepreneurship blackboard 2159.76 points, down 5.67 points, or 0.26%. Trading volume, stock index turnover of 178 billion 430 million, turnover of 256 billion 790 million in Shenzhen, the two cities a total turnover of 435 billion 220 million. Plate led the concept of gold, Shandong block trading, Jingui bank, Hunan gold, Chifeng gold, gold gold, Tianye, West gold rose in front. Express the concept of higher, Xinhai shares rose more than 7%, Yuantong express, Xiangyu shares, Ding Tai Yi Dixi, new material, Wan Lin shares, feiliks, Suntech holdings rose in front. Brokerage stocks pulled the state securities rose nearly 3%, Huatai Securities, Soochow securities, China Securities, Changjiang Securities rose in front. The concept of charging pile downturn, Nari fell more than 7%, ikang science and technology, science and technology, Monternet Rongxin, Wanan section Hengsheng, Ott Xun fell forward. Outlook: from today’s aviation securities market, today’s trading stock index fell markedly, while the recent soaring population shares also suffered some impact caused by the high elastic characteristics of new times group, the plate stock volatility than other varieties will be larger, so investors for such species is not recommended to take operation the chase is too radical, because not only is the second new short-term active species, midline band, is still very good standard, the external environment in short-term uncertainty, it may be appropriate to reduce the frequency of transactions to avoid short-term risk. Summary: due to short-term market risks, the difficulty of the operation began to increase, the day Tan suggested avoidance or too large for the adjustment of varieties, very full varieties can be tracking strategy. Jufeng investment adviser: Overall, technical reasons and influence of American election is the core factor of the weakening of the market today, while the SFC will strengthen market supervision to curb speculation in some degree. In addition, funds face tight is the recent need pay attention to potential risks. Therefore, the short-term stock callback needs, but back in the heavyweight support the market forces still, financial support is obvious, a strong rebound is on the bottom plate相关的主题文章: