Against the sea by Zheng He’s fleet sank the China commercial civilization 高达08ms小队

Against the sea by Zheng He’s fleet sank the China commercial civilization [Abstract] severe fatwa, only the return of more than and 800 overseas migrants, more people still chose to vote with their feet, falling overseas. In fact, any of the Chinese people, falling overseas is helpless choice, like a marine version of "to join rebels". Before the age of discovery, the Chinese empire can become the empire. At that time the Chinese sea power is very strong, unmatched, enough to make Chinese flags to every corner of the world. Moreover, the West has just woke up from sleep, not strong. The Chinese Empire has the initiative to give up the vast blue territory, even with just the rise of the western countries, the "Blue China" political, economic and military siege, the "Blue China" forced under the sea, become pirate". Above the waves, the Chinese pirates and the Western pirates compete for the survival and development of the blue space. The difference is, when the western "Pirates" to get strong support, the motherland has become the pioneer colonization, China "Pirates" but must always face their own motherland, from behind the attack. At the beginning of September 1407 two, Nanjing, the capital of Daming, was full of festive joy. The voyage back to Zheng He, here held a grand ceremony of offering captive. When Wenwubaiguan and envoys of the countries, Zheng He captured in Nanyang old Hong Kong pirate leader Chen Zuyi three people to court. Ming Emperor (Emperor Yongle) Yongle ordered the immediate execution, "startle Wen yi". The old harbor is now in Indonesia, Sumatra, Kota Palembang (Palembang), previously known as Buddha three pronged (Samboja), in Chinese history also known as Bo Lin Bangguo, located in the south of the Malacca Strait, is strategic control of the Pacific and India ocean. In the official history, Chen Zuyi Fuzhu was seen as a major victory of the Ming Dynasty won the exotic. "Emperor Yue Jue, reward and difference" ("Ming Dynasty"). In the old port captured Chinese Shi Jinqing active in the battle of Chen Zuyi, was appointed as ambassadors, "give India guandai Wen Qi leno tomorrow". Directly, is the Ming Empire in order to control the minority and set up offices, from three. In a line, including in the later universal praise sound, most people have not noticed: dolphinfish executioner, not only cut off the head of Chen Zuyi, but also cut off the ocean of hope. The battle of the old port of the old port, is the initiative to attack Zheng He. The history of Chen Zuyi described the surrender, is in fact for Zheng He’s attack for a very good reason why. Chen Zuyi was really a bit strange. Chen Zuyi is Guangdong Chaozhou people, according to Zheng He’s assistant Ma Huan in his memoirs "Ying Ya Sheng Lan" in the records, energy-saving house in the Hongwu Period "fled here (San Foqi)". In the history of China only focus on the military and political leaders, Chen Zuyi as a minor, and why can’t leave "escape here" records. According to speculation, is the most likely he violated the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang made on the measures, this is also the time of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong coastal residents most likely to violate the "crimes", the main reason is the end of the Ming Dynasty China "Pirates" forced on the waves. Ma huan…相关的主题文章: