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Trust: what are the risks of trust products We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Source: the so-called trust risk of the first gold network, is aimed at investors after the end of the investment trust, whether the principal is a basic concept of the scheduled return. Trustee of the trust products "trust law" and "moral hazard" measures for the administration of trust and investment companies have provided the trustee must not take advantage of the trust property for their own interests and to fulfill the honest, trustworthy and cautious, effective management of the obligation to the beneficiary, but due to defects in the internal governance structure of natural and the lack of effective external supervision. Some of the trust and investment companies to take advantage of the trust property to seek their own interests, mainly in: one is the use of inappropriate related party transactions, carry out the interests of the actual controller, or cover the risk, or capital flight. The so-called improper related trade is not after the principal and the beneficiary, not full disclosure of information, not at a fair price, the trust property and the inherent property and the trust property, the inherent property and the trust property and related party and related party transactions. Two is more than the trust contract agreed to generate trust property gains for the trust company’s income. The principal and the beneficiary are often mistaken for the expected rate of return of the trust product is a fixed rate of return, some trust and investment companies will use this point to more than the actual income of the trust contract into the inherent property. Three is the misappropriation of trust funds for investment. The risk of infection because of trust products across institutions across the market, the formation of a long chain of financial products, involving many stakeholders, which is easy to produce other players and market part of the credit risk, market risk, operational risk, legal risk, policy risk contagion to trust products. This is the first policy and legal risk in the past two years, some of the trust product itself is to circumvent the regulation, the use of institutional defects and innovative design. Followed by some of the trust products are land, financial income as collateral for credit enhancement. Policies and laws in these areas is not perfect, it is easy to cause invalid and invalid security. Once again, there is no provision of laws and policies, the lack of supporting measures. The risk management technology of low trust companies issuing trust products to invest in the field is very wide, the investment is very flexible, but most of it is to use loans and equity investments in infrastructure and real estate development. Wide investment area, flexible investment, the need for a wide range of professional and technical knowledge and professional risk management capabilities, trust and investment companies are often inadequate preparation, lack of experience. The lack of liquidity, which can not effectively disperse and transfer, according to the "measures" to hedge risk management of investment trust companies, trust and investment companies shall be issued by investment vouchers, vouchers, vouchers, revenue agency investment securities generation custody orders. This means that the existing trust benefits can only be established on the basis of the contract rather than the trust beneficiary certificate相关的主题文章: