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How to cultivate user habits like drops: every time an activation, retained on the increase – Sohu technology Author: Wang Liu, GrowingIO product manager. The original text in the GrowingIO blog and the public number, authorized reprint! From the hundred regiments, takeaway war, Alipay and WeChat to mobile payment wars, and further drops taxi wars, these companies seem to have money to spend, each order to spend a few dollars of subsidies. Someone asked, why? Why should the crazy price lower than the cost of subsidies? Why is the loss of hundreds of millions can get the next round of financing, the market value will grow geometrically? Answer: develop "user habits". So, what is the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of "to develop the habits of users" is to develop user habits? The user does not need to be thoughtful, subconscious, become a reflection of subconscious. Just like when we buy things, at the time of checkout will naturally open Alipay WeChat, which became the "user" we form habits. The formation of "user habits" why is it so important for products? We give you an all deep example: yuho drops lasted a few years the taxi wars, the price is very low and the occasional discount activity, let the original subway and on the roadside taxi workers formed the habit of a taxi. Every time you want to see the customer, go to work, go to dinner, we must first open the taxi software. In the most crazy time, excellent step or even launched a free travel activities. Until everyone drops yuho taxi, sitting in the car lazy, mobile phone brush, cross your legs. Then they went up. Before the accumulation of the user will be due to the price of a one out? Seem not. As a weekend, I went to Yuyuantan Park from Wangjing, playing excellent step, I spent more than and 60 yuan, is nearly two times more than the cheap, I feel very sad. However, I took a taxi back. Why didn’t I lose the price? Not because I’m rich. Because changing a habit cost is too high, I have been accustomed to sitting in the car lazy, mobile phone brush, cross your legs, you don’t like to walk 1 kilometers to the subway station, transfer several times, and then go home. I’ll convince myself, "the weekend is better for me" (as advertised in their advertisements). So whenever I need to go out, did not go downstairs, the car has been played, and all this is unconscious, very natural. This is why investors will continue to help taxi software transfusion to help establish travel habits. Because once the habit of formation, the user will be retained for a long time, continued active, the user’s LTV (Life time value) will be quite high. So how do product managers and operators develop user habits? 1 rapid access to the user has a considerable user base, is a prerequisite for the development of user habits. At this stage you need to quickly get a large number of target users. In the process of user access, usually need to spend a considerable part of the money, this is what we often mention!相关的主题文章: