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Intel’s first show Intel? Shooting Star? – UAV technology Sohu on Friday, Intel CEO division again odd (Brian Krzanich) keynote speech at Tmall "double 11" global ecological Powerise summit, to share the huge opportunities of smart things in the Internet era, Intel and innovative technologies and products for human life change. Branch then odd in his speech to the public for the first time Intel introduced a new UAV — Intel® Shooting Star?, and show the simultaneous control of 500 Intel UAV formation flight, was a light show shocking video. This record shows the full display of how Intel technology will be transformed into a reality, the reality of human life to explore the exploration and practice. Intel® Shooting Star? UAV is Intel’s first product designed for entertainment to create light show, designed to give full consideration to the safety and creative use of lightweight structure and all type of light color combination, can achieve comparable fireworks lighting effects. The UAV will help business customers to create magnificent light up the night sky, the night landscape, bring new amazing entertainment experience. The realization of pyrotechnic technology is a brilliant one in the history of human civilization. Intel once again breakthroughs in the field of UAV technology, and gave a new concept fireworks show. Prior to this, Intel UAV team successfully created 100 UAV fleet flying Guinness world record. By virtue of the deep accumulation of civil and industrial field of UAV new Intel® Shooting Star? The UAV will be widely used in art, entertainment and light show and other fields, to solve the problem of complex work of evening entertainment. Material usage and mechanical structure Intel® Shooting Star UAV airframe soft, flexible foam and no screw structure design, weighs only 280 grams, lighter than a volleyball. In addition, the four axis of the propeller with a protective cover, which is designed to ensure the safety of UAV flight. Operation, the device can be easily programmed, assembly and operation, and waterproof splash, can normal flight in the rain. The type of package is equipped with four axis aircraft propeller size 384 x 384 x 93 mm diameter rotor inches (CM) maximum takeoff weight g the longest flight minutes maximum range 1.5 km maximum tolerable maximum wind speed meters GPS meters maximum airspeed airspeed meter seconds seconds light show animation and manipulation of Intel® Shooting Star LED built-in UAV? Light, according to the RGBW (red, green, blue and white) sub pixel spectra and create 4 billion colors. With the improved software and animation interface, users create a 5相关的主题文章: