China International Futures consumer prices to boost plastic mild rise 姉summer

China International Futures: a modest rise in consumption season boost plastic and beauty oil prices $50 shocks figure 1: U.S. crude oil k-week                                       & nbsp;;                                                     source: financial, mid U.S. crude oil Research Institute $50 shocks. The dollar weighed on oil prices fell, despite the recent organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) of the main members have vocal support of production, but the internal interests are still large differences, which is a hidden danger for the November policy meeting. Beijing early morning of October 26th, the American Petroleum Institute (API) released data show that as of October 21st week, the U.S. API crude oil inventories increased 4 million 750 thousand barrels, had expected to increase 800 thousand barrels, the former value decreased by 3 million 788 thousand barrels; on the other hand, Russia and Iraq against the "frozen" also let the market fluctuate. The prospect of this November led by Saudi Arabia OPEC crude oil production agreement to become frozen whirling. If there is no other basic guidelines, crude oil into a narrow range of shock probability. Two, plastic, PP spot prices steadily higher in recent years, plastic futures disk continues to rise, but also further enhance the confidence of the merchants on the spot market. Specifically, the PE market prices continued to rise yesterday, the region’s linear price rose 50-200 yuan. Plastics futures continued to rise higher, petrochemical enterprises continue to pull up the market in the high cost of support, shipments rose with the offer. Terminal inquiry enthusiasm is weak, just need to purchase the main potential. Part of the petrochemical area ex factory price continue to hike, the market cost of support to further enhance. In September, due to tight supply, the rapid rise in the price of PE. After the national day, because the supply remained tight, petrochemical enterprises continue to increase prices. High raw material prices, downstream procurement cautious. Forced, petrochemical companies cut prices slightly, but the decline is limited. Upstream industry profits are still impressive, at a level of 2000-3000 yuan per ton, coal chemical industry is still expected to be put into operation. Petrochemical profits and crude oil price fluctuations are closely related. With spot prices rose last week, upstream oil, coal, polyethylene profits rose slightly. Methanol prices rose sharply, resulting in a profit of nearly 500 yuan per ton of methanol to polyethylene down. Figure 2: plastic spot price.相关的主题文章: