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Tear up the casino label Macao honeymoon surprises lead: Macao casino passion, shopping malls in Hongkong, long queues, Taiwan night market on the delicious fragrance, these old tourist destination had strong invisible label, attract a large number of visitors. Perhaps it is these too dazzling city label, virtually dispelled the tourists with more dimensions of visits and the interpretation of a city. In order to make the old tourist resort is not "fame tired out", "to set foot on this label" tour, a new perspective to explore "the most familiar city" re discovery of hidden treasures of pearl. (source: Elle) tore up the "casino" label, with Macao family fun at the mention of Macao, they will think of the streams of people busily coming and going to the casino, but Macao is not only the slot machines and Baccarat and other gambling games, there is a unique European style, also has a very rich variety of entertainment content. Macao is no longer the only scene of debauchery in Las Vegas, here is the door of the European style city, is home a good place for family travel articles. In 1553 the Portuguese made Macao right of residence, after 400 years of European civilization, the fusion of eastern and Western cultures coexist so that Macao has become a unique style of the city, leaving a large number of historical and cultural heritage, so that Macao has become the most China European style city. Do not need to fly a long journey to Europe, you can appreciate, the ruins of St. Augustine Church, San Lorenzo church, European style in Macao. Today’s Macao, is also a continuation of the city’s unique charm of European style, in addition to already built The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Macao Jinsha Parisian resort hotel will be completed in September this year, will be the theme of Paris, France Paris the romantic capital of the world directly to the front of the Chinese people. In front of the hotel will be built a complex engraved Eiffel Tower, the height of the prototype 1/2. Parisian shopping center is the Champs Elysees will be moved directly to Macao, with more than and 150 from the international forefront of luxury fashion designer clothing and lifestyle brands. The layout and decoration shop are also using the classical French style, visitors can enjoy shopping at the same time, the French themed street performances, including mime and other different styles of street performances. Holiday Inn Hotel & spa. In Macao, feel Europe, feel Paris. Macao used to be more of an adult entertainment destination. Today, this has washed the city, has become an open arms to all family family travel destination. As the world’s leading animation company and big IP maker, DreamWorks has a large number of cartoon characters that appeal to children. While the sands Macao city center and the United States DreamWorks reached a depth of cooperation, there are daily "DreamWorks" star parade, both Kung Fu Panda be.paul, or Shrek, children can contact with zero distance. The birthday of the child can also happen to enjoy a dream factory theme in the Golden Sands of the birthday party. In addition, one family can go to the foreign Amoy garden of 75000 square meters of water park water, to experience the world’s first city of the shadow exchange to Batman as the theme of the 4.相关的主题文章: