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[are] to see flowers chrysanthemum Song Dynasty legend, like the sea tours chrysanthemum tea – Sohu tourism God easy life difficult for the old, old chongyang. This double ninth, battlefield exceptionally fragrant yellow flowers! Today is the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Double Ninth Festival, the "book of changes" in the "six" as a negative number, "Nine" as a positive number, in September 9th, the sun and the moon, the 29 phase, Gu Yue Chongyang, also called nine. "When the Chongyang, but also to the chrysanthemum, the Double Ninth Festival, the light is the climb afar chrysanthemum day, just before the National Day in the Song Dynasty is opened in a" Chrysanthemum "season" activities, today will take you to enjoy "the most beautiful" Kaifeng Chrysanthemum! Yesterday, "free" today "Chongyang", there is an old saying: "China vegetation are Yang, Yin Hua Du chrysanthemum, peach Hua Tong words are not words of color, and the color is the only speaker chrysanthemum, should fall Tuwang when, after the cold dew, it is the most beautiful season of Chrysanthemum Ying the autumn bloom. It is the flower of chrysanthemum, the gentleman, the flower color in different poses and with different expressions, and brilliant purples and reds elegant fragrance, let a person as the acme of perfection. "Would rather hold fragrant old branches, with yellow leaves the autumn wind, chrysanthemum, is a flower in full bloom in late autumn and early winter, because it is not afraid of cold, elegant Aoshuang, has been praised, men of literature and writing arias from ancient to modern times. "Picking chrysanthemums under the Eastern Jin Tao’s leisurely to see the pursuit of artistic conception is the mountain", to the Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin’s eyes, became "Tao to the fence with color, Luo house incense" feeling. And the demise of the Li Tang Dynasty in the Beowulf Huang Chao, repeatedly failing, also has issued a "Curse of the Golden Flower" roar. "Battlefield exceptionally fragrant yellow flowers" is the great issue in contemporary ruthless war in the heroic arias! Speaking of chrysanthemum, you have to mention it, it is said that the Northern Song Dynasty, have become the chrysanthemum. As the capital city, it raises the chrysanthemum wind prevails, every family to raise the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum for pleasure. To the Ming and Qing dynasties have opened chrysanthemum style flourished, the Qianlong emperor and yuwangtai, "fan Wuqing, frost chrysanthemum white heap." The verse. Today it is amazing to see that special varieties of chrysanthemum. Unseal chrysanthemum flower was started in 1983. Every year in October held a session of Kaifeng Chrysanthemum flower chrysanthemum, also named Kaifeng city. In 1994, Kaifeng twelfth chrysanthemum flower was renamed " Chinese unseal chrysanthemum flower ". From the beginning of 2000, the Henan provincial government will China unseal chrysanthemum flower festival will determine the provincial, 2013 upgraded to national flower, it is the only city held an annual meeting in Chrysanthemum every year, every year from October 18th to November 18th for " chrysanthemum flower " and this year, is the thirty-fourth. According to the introduction, the opening of the exhibition highlights the chrysanthemum flower "chrysanthemum tea" theme, into the chrysanthemum culture and tea culture elements, to shine. In the Cultural Park and retain the traditional exhibition adhering to previous experience, in the exhibition content and form mainly to create a tea culture connotation, so distinctive features and elegant taste, thrifty people, warm atmosphere. .相关的主题文章: