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I am one night in Nanjing, 20 years of memories – Sohu "Jinling" tourism in Nanjing, the ancient capital city, the city began in 229 BC; the only large city in the Yangtze River Delta region and East China, was my second hometown. Young parents in business in Nanjing, in the most vivid childhood memories in my laughter here. After a lapse of 20 years, I have little time to go back, life is a process of envy. I admire the innocence of the time, with his wife and children to see who want to knock off the front of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, I scream Sahuan Xuanwu Lake, catch catch Maple indicus in Zijin mountain. Occasional travel in Nanjing, met # Xuan Feng Jing on the road #?. In the hotel, Li Feng helped me find 20 years of memories. She and I talk about the change in Nanjing for 20 years… In the travel of people, mostly busy and nervous. Busy with work, hurry to know about a strange city. However, I have a little regret. The most unforgettable thing in the world, and you grow up, leaving a deep memory of the people and things. The most can not start again, perhaps not with a favorite city, a person who likes to grow slowly together. Nanjing Confucius temple Nanjing impression, Lane stall is a pot of spicy fragrance of the crayfish, or restaurant on the chopping board half halogen salty and delicious boiled salted duck is my most love, perhaps the tiger steamed green pepper. She said that Confucius temple is a bowl of hot Jinling fans duck blood soup. Nanjing Xuanwu Lake by Nanjing Tianhe atmosphere, is the Qinhuai River lights under the carmine, is the purple mountain August osmanthus fragrance, also may be the year of June to pick her neighbors gave me the Gardenia; she said, "early spring February plum snow Three Snow White, but the plum fragrance" plum there is a natural fragrance, lavender fragrance. Nanjing Xinjiekou Nanjing life, is crowded by a bus route 5 to go to Chaoyangmen to see the scenery, is stationed in Yangtze River Bridge bridgehead on car flow, also may be separated with parents in Xinjiekou, watching the first high-rise Jinling Hotel; she said to follow the Metro Line 1 through the Xuan Wu door, walk through the drum tower, Xinjiekou. In the first place the guests into the store, say "hello"! She is Xu Xian, in my travel time in Nanjing, I live in the beautiful Maple Hotel (Xinjiekou), the same love of Nanjing hotel service staff. 20 years has not changed is the name of the city of Nanjing, and also my only to miss Nanjing. And she walked the same way, I did not take the ride from Nanjing Metro Line 1, and by the old train station in Nanjing gallop. The Zhangfuyuan memory is not too much, but the surrounding, mottled Indus, I still feel familiar. In the tall plane body go north, but a lot of emotion, when parents buy eggs for me to eat, I do not love, but love Stinky tofu. It is in this context, a small alley. This garden city, historic city, the years have not changed, vicissitudes of life. Before departure, encountered Maple Hotel in the collection of Li Feng try to sleep, I signed up. ? Feng Hotel opened in Nanjing in 4, and Zhangfuyuan this is one of the new year July. The hotel is located in the interior of the road, and the city of Nanjing相关的主题文章: