[world] virtue comedian Baden play warmth challenge a bowl of beef noodles word family-特命战队go busters

[not] moral world challenge comedian Baden play "warmth of a bowl of beef noodles" Tao family every morning wake to the alarm clock, but dream. Dream is good, but the road is full of thorns, every time you need to use the courage and confidence to get up, and courage and confidence often comes from the setbacks and suffering we have experienced. Zhao Liang designed a APP to help the blind, with a lot of investors, but no one is willing to give the project investment in R & D, which makes Zhao Liang lost. He reluctantly sat in the street, found a shoeshine next are working very hard, he suddenly recalled childhood blindness and grandfather had each other scene, grandpa also rely on a shoe. Our every day to eat a bowl of beef noodles in a noodle shop, Grandpa will pick his bowl of beef to the grandchildren, grandson and grandfather put the meat back to the bowl, and so forth. Finally, because of the good character of dreams persist and from childhood, touched by the investor, noodle girl once, finally get the investment…… "A bowl of beef noodles" stills micro film "a bowl of beef noodles" dominated by black and white tone, looks very simple, neither handsome nor gorgeous beauty, luxury items, only an old man, a grandson, a bowl of beef noodles, deep affection around the entire film. After they feel enough, people can not remember the scenes touching scene. The film’s director Liu Kada introduction, a bowl of beef noodles, the prototype of the story of the origin of the network, after the adaptation of a dream to become a passionate love story. The film "Grandpa" time is not long, but its superb performance is impressive, perfect to create a blind grandfather image of a benevolent and kind countenance. It is understood that the original play is the grandfather of Sichuan’s famous comedian Baden around the west. Baden’s most famous masterpiece is "rake ears happy life" series, he played in the film and television play the role of is a type of comedy, this time as the blind grandfather, and the grandson of a whirlwind emotional drama is a new challenge. In the face of setbacks and sufferings, Nagamochi early heart will not negative heart, as the movie said, dream is a light in the darkness, only light our way forward, we warm the frozen heart. Currently, this micro film is participating in the virtues of the world · micro film story – Guangxi practice the socialist core values of micro video (film) contest. This micro film competition according to the requirements and the deployment of the Central Propaganda Department, the Regional Party Committee Propaganda Department, Civilization Office of the autonomous region, autonomous region, autonomous region Education Department of press and Publication Bureau jointly organized. Welcome to the official website of the ZT 2016 PC WDY index.shtml support, there are more exciting micro film, such as you see Oh ~!相关的主题文章: