Sand field regulation of Xiamen Tongan 37 sand field will be forced to power off-twoo是什么网站

Xiamen Tongan to carry out Sunaba remediation 37 Sunaba will be forced off the morning news (reporter Chen Yaling correspondent Yang Xinliang Huang Yongfu Liu Yanting) reporter from the Tongan Tongan District was informed that from yesterday until November 20th, according to the law within the jurisdiction of the 37 are still illegal Sunaba forced power off. Reporters learned that, at present, 37 (including new city coastal romantic line 3) is still in the sand field, the smallest area of 450 square meters, the largest area of even 50 acres. There are 20 Sunaba located in Tongan Dongxi, things Creek, river edge, Xunxi, some illegal sand mining in the river, some illegal sand washing, destruction of water conservancy facilities, leading to blocked river. Illegal sand field caused by the presence of an area of the muddy river, serious damage to the ecological environment of Tongan valley; 14 did not involve river sand field for yard, sedimentation tank, sand washing equipment set, not only caused a lot of damage to the land, but also caused great damage to the surrounding environment, Road, road facilities. It is understood that since September this year, 46 Tongan District on the area (including Binhai Metro Line 3 romantic) illegal Sunaba began to focus on remediation, taking into account the nature of law enforcement problems in Tong’an District Sunaba concentrated rectification mobilization from the implementation stage by the end of October 31st, after the townsstreet efforts persuasion, has closed down 9 home. (Haixi morning paper (micro-blog))

厦门同安开展砂场整治 37家砂场将被强制断电 晨报讯(记者 陈雅玲 通讯员 杨心亮 黄永福刘艳婷)记者从同安区获悉,同安区从昨日起到11月20日,依法对辖区内37家仍在违法经营的砂场给予强制断电。记者了解到,目前37家(含新城滨海浪漫线3家)仍在经营的砂场里,占地面积最小的为450平方米,占地面积最大的甚至达到50亩。其中有20个砂场设在同安东溪、东西溪、官浔溪等河道边上,有的非法在河道中采砂,有的非法洗砂,破坏水利设施,导致河道被堵塞。非法砂场的存在造成了同安辖区内的河流浑浊不堪,严重破坏了同安流域的生态环境;14家未涉河流的砂场因堆场、沉淀池、洗砂设备等的设置,不仅造成了耕地的大量损毁,而且对周边环境、道路、道路设施等造成极大损害。据了解,今年9月起,同安区对辖区内的46家(含新城滨海浪漫线3家)非法砂场开始进行集中整治,考虑到人性执法的问题,同安区对砂场集中整治从动员实施阶段到10月31日止,经过各镇街努力劝导,目前已关停9家。(海西晨报(微博))相关的主题文章: