The daughter of a curse will not have a good end, Tao Xinran publicly Detroit-rewrite攻略�

The daughter of a curse will not have a good end, Tao Xinran publicly Detroit Sina entertainment star "The Legend of Zhen Huan" villain "anling" actor Tao Xinran [micro-blog] has been due to play the role of criticism by the users. In September 12th, Tao Xinran in micro-blog drying photos of his daughter, after being attacked by netizens, "feel your daughter will not have a good end."". In the afternoon of October 8th, enraged Tao Xinran refuted the net friend in micro-blog: "fuck your uncle, don’t force civilized people to swear, right?" The mood on me off screen also does not matter, curse my daughter, do you think you will have what good end, idiot, I am not the virgin white lotus, I have the bottom line!" Then Tao Xinran husband He Jianze [micro-blog] also called the netizen: "small wonton, you think you can talk on the Internet?" Can you play on the evaluation, but you said my daughter, I can not control you are not idiot, I don’t say online, leave a phone, I find your address." Disclose the willingness to meet with the netizen in private. It was reported that Tao Xinran had revealed that he was scolded by his fans because he was in the corner of his mausoleum, and he even suffered the experience of being rowed by his fans. However, in the face of the users of their daughter’s attack, Tao Xinran vehemently refuted the friends daughter voice. Netizens also expressed support for Tao Xinran’s behavior: "don’t care about this person, no moral, when he fart, I am also a mother, wish baby healthy and happy growth!" (Intern Allen article)

女儿遭诅咒不会有好下场 陶昕然公开爆粗    新浪娱乐讯 因出演《甄嬛传》反派之一“安陵容”的演员陶昕然[微博]一直因戏内角色受到网友非议。9月12日,陶昕然在微博晒出女儿照片,之后却遭到网友抨击“感觉你女儿不会有好下场”。10月8日下午,被激怒的陶昕然在微博驳斥该网友道:“操你大爷,非逼文明人说脏话是吗?把戏外情绪强加给我也都无所谓,咒我女儿,你以为你会有什么好下场,傻逼,我不是圣母白莲花,我有底线!”随后陶昕然老公何建泽[微博]也@该名网友:“小馄饨你是以为在网上就可以乱说话吗?对戏你可以评价,但你说我的女儿,我就不能管你是不是傻逼了,咱别网上说了,留下电话、地址我去找你。”透露遇与该网友私下解决的意愿。    据悉,此前陶昕然就透露自己因出演安陵容一角而被粉丝骂,甚至遭遇过被粉丝划车的经历。不过,面对网友对自己女儿的攻击,陶昕然义正言辞地驳斥该网友为女儿发声。网友们也表示支持陶昕然的行为:“别理这种人,没道德,当他在放屁,我也是当了妈妈的人,祝宝贝健康快乐的成长!”(实习生Allen 文)相关的主题文章: