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Internet-and-Business-Online Your Business is About You and your Market! Having credibility based on achievements, degrees, memberships, and affiliations is one thing. The way you go about building credibility with your market is another. Which builder are you? Two builders set out to build the two most beautiful skyscrapers ever. They both laid their foundations about the same time. Both builders recruited the best contractors there were. Their blueprint from the start-up to the finish was followed to the letter. Everyone who saw what was happening as the skyscrapers took shape and form was impressed and amazed. One of the builders, from day 1, began telling of the challenges, fall outs, doubts, and victories that they encountered each step of the way. The other builder took another path. He decided to keep all the happenings surrounding his skyscraper under cover. "After all", he told his contractors, "it was no one’s business to know about their struggles or challenges because they would appear weak and seem not to know what they were doing." He warned them to only talk about those details that were of interest to the people. The skyscrapers went up and up. The builders worked and worked. Finally, the skyscrapers were built and completed. Then the day came. The people were asked to vote for the builder with whom they would like to do business. Ninety percent (90%) of them voted for the builder who told "his story" as the building process took place. And if you wonder why that was the case…The one big reason is that the people related to him. They saw him as one who faced challenges/struggles with what he set out to do. Yet he stuck in there and accomplished his goal in the end. So then, how do you build credibility with your market? The answer is: Write As You Live! Or, put another way…tell your story as you build and grow your business. Your story is the central piece in establishing and strengthening your credibility with your market. Your business is about you and the value you create for your market. It is also about your market. Your market longs to resonate with you as they get value from you. They want to know who you are, what you’ve done and are doing, what struggles/challenges you’ve had and how you overcame them, etc. Remember that your story will evolve as you evolve and that it is a work in progress. Your Action Step Write down the answers to these questions as you create and tell your story. What if your audience were to ask? * "Who is this person?" * "What experiences has this person had that I could relate to?" * "What struggles/challenges has this person faced or is facing?" * "How did this person overcome or are overcoming these challenges/struggles?" * "What help can this person give to their market tapping from their past and present experiences?" Copyright (c) 2013 Maima Jones About the Author: 相关的主题文章: