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Marketing PAT test labels offer top quality and right types of PAT labels for covering all the needs of PAT test. All electrical equipments and appliances tested should be identifiable as well as show that the appropriate tests have been carried out. The use of these test labels helps you to easily achieve this since they highlight a fail or pass result. Labels contain distinct identification codes, display all the information, results of fail or pass, fuse ratings, .pany logo or name and related information. The different information enables appliance to be identified and distinguished. In UK, PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is a great process through which all your electrical appliances are checked in a routine fashion for your and your workers" safety. The equipment or appliances that have been inspected and tested should be identifiable as such. This is only possible through the labelling of equipment with the PAT test labels. The label should contain a distinct code for identification, testing status of the electric equipment showing a fail or pass and the date when the appliance was tested along with re-test date or period. Information on the label is designed so that equipment can be identified easily even if similar items are available in same premises in addition to indicating to a non-technical user if the appliance is safe or is due for retesting again. Additional information that is contained on a test label might include the testing engineer"s initials, logo or the name of the .pany and others. Most of the modern testers for PAT are even capable of reading bar code labels. This is great for identification purposes. Barcodes must contain both numerical number and barcode underneath. Stickers or labels can differ in design; still it must be of good quality which can stick to different surfaces. They must even be durable as well as hard wearing so that they are able to withstand the total time between consecutive testing with no deterioration. PAT test labels must be in an easily noticeable position. Appliances that have failed in the testing and inspection process should be clearly labelled as such along with a sticker stating the result. The PAT test labels are coded in different colours so that it easier for everyone to see whether the appliance has passes or failed the tests. Red colour label denotes that the equipment has failed while green colour denotes that it has passed and can be used. Blue colour label denotes that the equipment has passed but still there are some issues and it must be tested on a regular basis. After the .pletion of tests, all equipment will be labelled with different colours. This will allow users to go through the details of the results of Portable Appliance Testing before they start using it. Today, there are many online sites that offer PAT test labels for all appliances. They test and inspect as well as mark electronic appliances by red, green or blue coloured labels. So, in your own interest, get Portable Appliance Testing labels in bulk for your products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: