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UnCategorized Any successful lean business enterprise incorporates principles, practices, and tools that will help them to produce products and/or services more efficiently. A lean manufacturing business organizes and manages everything from product conceptualization and development through customer service utilizing lean principles. Lean ideals focus on attaining the goal of producing better quality products with fewer defects while using less money, less human effort, and less work space than more traditional mass production systems incorporate. .panies that integrate lean principles are perpetually amassing and analyzing their data in a quest for greater efficiency. They strive to increase productivity while simultaneously decreasing the resources they use in the manufacturing process. Use Lean Manufacturing to Increase Work Force Productivity Since the economy has slowed down throughout the world, profit margins have been tightening. This is especially true in the manufacturing sector. Farsighted manufacturers who have incorporated lean principles are now focusing on using what they’ve learned to increase productivity within their workforce and increasing their bottom lines. Positive Motivation Is Part of Lean Manufacturing One of the most cost effective means you can use to increase your worker’s productivity is to positively motivate them. If you understand what will motivate your workforce and then measure your application of these motivators you can increase your productivity while simultaneously increasing the quality of their output. One .pany that did this is the Bama Pie .pany. Founded over eighty years ago, it’s foundation is built upon two primary beliefs. The first – people make the .pany. Their second foundation of success is that the quality of their products is of paramount importance. A Bama .panies report has said that, "Bama is on a never-ending journey to a clear destination: to achieve Business Excellence in all that it does, which is more than just a slogan – it aligns all strategic, improvement actions, reviews and daily decisions. Bama is team led. Fun and .munity are major priorities." Because it has worked on its most important asset – its employees, Bama was awarded a Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award in 2004. It has created a .pany that is fun and prosperous. As far as the bottom line is concerned, because its employees are satisfied, have ample opportunities to grow, and feel a kinship with the .pany for whom they work, their employee turnover dropped from 25 percent to 14 percent. This cost-reducing drop is significantly lower than the industry average and is one of the best in their local labor market. Lean manufacturing principles work. Not only can your .pany be more profitable employing them, it can be.e a more enjoyable place to work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: