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Knockout Content-rich Article Techniques For Writing Must-read Lead Paragraphs By: Lisa Sparks | Jan 2nd 2007 – In article anatomy I like to teach that there are several key components. Of course these can be stretched varied and thrown out altogether, but not until you’re an expert at writing content-rich articles. One key component of a clear article is, of course, the lead paragraph. Second in importance only to the headline itsel … Tags: Creative And Simple Ways To Create A Writing Lesson Plan By: IPRWire Staff Writer | Dec 25th 2006 – A writing lesson plan can be very hard for an English teacher to create if he or she is not a writer themselves. Inscription is a huge part of teaching the English language, but not every teacher is a natural born writer, even if they know the language very well. Teachers of this variety often need help preparing for this c … Tags: Five Easy Ways To Shake The Writing Devil Off Your Shoulder By: Daphne Gray-Grant | Dec 18th 2006 – Psychologists know that negative self-chatter can hinder us in everything from sports to love. If we tell ourselves we’re no good at something, well, pretty soon that prediction comes true. And no where is that more apparent than when it comes to writing… Tags: Fiction Writing: Getting Your Events In Order By: Steve Dempster | Dec 18th 2006 – In fiction writing, events occur in strict chronological order. If you would like to know what this means, please read on! Tags: Article Writing Tips For Profit By: Dee Cohen | Dec 10th 2006 – Writing articles is a very effective way to get one way links to your site as well as to have people learn more about your website or service. However, there are ways to do this that can make you more successful versus have your articles be overlooked and not considered. Shane Pearce has written the Lazy Man’ … Tags: Dialogue In Writing: Some Points You Should Consider By: Steve Dempster | Dec 5th 2006 – In short story writing, dialogue is very important for a number of reasons. I’ve listed a few below, not in order of importance – all are important – but to give a ‘points to ponder’ rundown. So – what about dialogue, then? Tags: 7 Article Writing Tips For Success By: Jill Brennan | Nov 11th 2006 – Writing articles is a great way to bring in traffic to your website but you can’t just write any old thing and expect it to work for you. Read on for tips on how to write so that people will read what you have to say. Tags: The Importance Of Writing To Make Money By: Thomas Berten | Sep 10th 2006 – Whether you hate or love writing there is little doubt that it has great potential and can be used in several ways to earn you money online. Tags: Writing Quotes For Website Content, Seo Articles, Ezine Articles, Advertorials, And Press Releases By: Aurora Brown | Aug 28th 2006 – Writing quotes for specific projects should be clear, concise, and informative. The goal is to tell the client exactly what you’re going to do for them and how you’re going to follow through. The more detailed and professional the quote, the better chance you have of nailing the job. Tags: Writing For Wikipedia By: Aurora Brown | Aug 28th 2006 – Writing for Wikipedia is actually quite easy; here are some easy steps to follow. Keep in mind that while you can edit a page anonymously, you will be more effective if you do so as a user. Tags: Exploringtechnical Writing By: Aurora Brown | Aug 28th 2006 – Technical writing bears a special place in the writing world. It requires a diligence and knowledge base that goes beyond a little research; even people who call themselves ‘technical writers’ many times end up taking confusing jargon and changing it to, well, more confusing jargon. Good technical writing requires the autho … Tags: Writing Good Newspaper Articles By: K Snow | Aug 16th 2006 – Many people say they know everything there is to know about writing a newspaper article, and they say they can teach you how to do it in a short period of time. There are many web tools for nearly any type of feature article you might want to write. However, unless you’re writing an article about something relatively simple … Tags: Profit From Article Writing By: Carol Anne Strange | Aug 15th 2006 – Top Tips on how you can sell your articles to magazines and newspapers Writing articles for print publications can be profitable but you need to implement the right approach to gain those much-sought after commissions in what has become a highly competitive market. To enhance your chances of success, consider … Tags: Writing With A Bird’s Eye View By: Pat Marcello | Aug 2nd 2006 – You’re wondering about that title, aren’t you? That’s what writing good headlines is all about. You need to make people wonder where you’re going with the idea. Uh-oh… I’m losing my focus! Ha! I just showed you what I want to discuss. Focus is keeping your eye on the ball. It’s … Tags: Writing Articles For The Web That Get Read Is Easy When You Know This By: Karen Fritscher-Porter | Jul 26th 2006 – Writing articles for the web is a learned skill. And you can learn it. In fact, you can master it. Once a professional writer in the print publishing world, I had feature articles published by some well-known names (Woman’s Day, The Washington Post, Family Circle, Christian Science Monitor and more). Fortunately, as a self- … Tags: Travel Writing: All You Need To Know By: Ryan Bombard | Jul 14th 2006 – Travel literature is a coherent narrative of people, events, sights, feelings, adventure and exploration by an author touring a foreign locale. Travel writings related to essay, guidebook, travelogue or itinerary have overlapping boundaries, so are grouped together as travel literature. This article focuses on travel litera … Tags: Cheap Ghost Writing Isn’t Easy — But It’s Worthwhile! By: Karen Peralta | Jul 13th 2006 – You might think that selling yourself short is a sure way to not be a success in the ghost writing field. And your eyes are probably dancing with the large sums of money that you’ve heard ghost writers pull down, in yearly figures such as $60,000 to $100,000, or amounts such as $15,000 to $60,000 per each book written. You’ … Tags: Writing For Children: Turn Your Ideas Into A Book By: Laura Backes | Jul 9th 2006 – Turn Your Idea Into a Book Maybe you’re one of those lucky writers whose head is bursting with ideas. Or perhaps you have one idea that’s been nagging you for weeks, always at the edge of your thoughts. Either way, you’re itching to begin writing. That’s good. But before you rush headlong into your story, sto … Tags: Profit From Writing By: Carol Anne Strange | Jun 25th 2006 – If you’re passionate about writing and want to make it your career, you need to be resourceful, professional, determined and self-motivated to succeed. Writing for a living isn’t easy and unless you’ve already landed a five figure book deal for your latest novel, you need to be as creative in generating income as you are wi … Tags: Creating An Outline Can Dramatically Improve Your Article Writing By: Justin Brown | May 22nd 2006 – The truth is that writing is a pet hate for many of us. Throughout school we have written an endless number of essays and articles and from a personal point of view I hardly ever looked forward to the prospect of writing. It seemed so difficult to keep the flow of an article going, and many times I use to run out of points … Tags: Writing And Walking – Beating Writer’s Block By: Nomad Rick | May 11th 2006 – Writing and walking are a seemingly odd mix of topics for an article, but they go well together. Particularly if you write during breaks in your walk. Tags: My Adventure With Creative Writing By: Analeese Burnabaker | Apr 29th 2006 – During my last semester of college I had a few hours that I got to fill with elective classes. I had heard good things about the professor who taught Creative Writing and so I signed up for the class without too much thought about the content of the class or what it would require of me. Little did I know when I signed up th … Tags: Writing Copy That Sells – What’s The Big Secret? By: Trish Andrews | Mar 20th 2006 – When someone buys a product, what they actually are buying is the benefit of owning that product. A woman buys a gift to celebrate a birthday or express a thank you… but deep down she wishes to be generous, thoughtful and remembered. A man buys a new set of golf clubs "�" his old set might be a bit worn out … Tags: The War Of High Quality Writing Instruments "�" The Fountain Pen By: Gray Rollins | Mar 8th 2006 – High quality writing instruments have been around for centuries and continue to exist; from the first pencils in 1584, to the quill pen, to the reign of the fountain pen from 1925 to 1940. These high quality and highly functional writing instruments were being made around the world in beautiful styles and wit … Tags: The Top 2 Ways To Market Your Web Writing Service By: Trish Andrews | Feb 28th 2006 – Marketing your web writing service is a huge part of a successful freelance business. Online marketing, networking, publicity, and advertising are such valuable tools, it’s critical to know what works best. Here are two No-Fail methods to advertise yourself as a web writer: Develop your own web site that is o … Tags: The Secret Of Writing Persuasive Web Content By: Trish Andrews | Feb 27th 2006 – Writing persuasive web content covers a wonderful variety of writing techniques. You can use different voices, humor, inspiration, or sales copy. Every web page should have a purpose: To familiarize, to inform, or to call the reader to action (click to the next page, join a newsletter, buy a product, or sign up for a mini-c … Tags: Finding A Pot Of Gold In Article Writing By: Katie Smith | Feb 18th 2006 – If you have a website, then you have probably been bombarded by people telling you that writing articles is the key to successful marketing. However, unless you are a professional writer, article writing probably seems as unachievable as obtaining that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well, you may not … Tags: How To Learn The Art Of Creative Writing By: Mark Woodcock | Feb 14th 2006 – The term creative writing is used to discern certain types of inventive or artistic writing from other general types of writing. The field of creative writing is broad and includes many different formats and genres of writing. The broad and general description of it is purposeful in its effort not to limit the imagination o … Tags: Writing Great Articles? I"��m No Expert, But….. By: Steve Boulden | Jan 17th 2006 – We all have different reasons for writing and submitting articles. However, the requirements for getting noticed, read, and published are the same for all of us. It doesn’t take an expert to figure it out. Tags: The Process Of Technical Writing By: James Hunt | Dec 26th 2005 – The technical writing process consists of four main phases. These are planning, writing, delivery, archiving… Tags: Resume Writing – 3 Tips For Success By: Amber Lowery | Dec 14th 2005 – Resume writing is possibly the biggest stumbling block for folks who are looking for a job. While it may seem simple, there are allot of subtle things that really matter. Potential employers are flooded with resumes in response to their job postings, and you only have a few short moments to make it or your resume will end u … Tags: 相关的主题文章: