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Health Anyone can learn yoga but teaching yoga is not for everyone. A heartfelt desire, .mitment and rigour are required to be.e a yoga teacher. Many believe that taking up yoga teacher training in India by itself will allow them to be.e successful teachers. Unfortunately, it is not the place of learning which decides the success of a yoga teacher. For be.ing a yoga coach you need to find the right yoga teacher. Teaching yoga is a self satisfying job first and then a job that earns riches. Theoretically, for be.ing a yoga teacher you need to get acquainted with yoga. Then you need to take up a minimum 200 hour yoga teacher training course under an experienced teacher; and you are ready to start teaching. But in practicality there is more to it than just taking a course. Steps involved in be.ing a yoga teacher 1.Be clear about your purpose: The discipline of yoga demands lot of grit and .mitment. If your decision is based on a passing fad or some whims, it won"t be able to last long. Another factor to keep in mind is that just because you are good at yoga does not automatically translate into you be.ing a yoga teacher. Teaching should only be done if you have a clear and strong purpose for doing it. 2.Select your yoga style: Yoga offers diverse styles – from Iyengar, to Ashtanga and vinyasana to even some mixed styles also. To be.e a teacher you should pick one or two styles and build your expertise. Choose a style which matches your personality. Once you are done with this, it will be much easier to go to the next step which is of finding your teacher. 3.Find the right teacher: As mentioned in the beginning of this article, .ing to India in itself is not that important although it has its benefits; it is about finding the right teacher. India is the birthplace of yoga and some teachers here have had the privilege of being handed down the knowledge from the disciples of the ancient gurus of yoga. Having said that, it is worthy to mention here that you need a teacher who can pass on the brilliance of yoga to you. Make sure your prospective teacher can invigorate that aura in you. 4.Plan for the course: Yoga courses – be it 200 hours yoga teacher training or the 500 hours one -they all take time. Schedule your course at such a time when you can slip away from your work/routine .fortably. As most yoga institutes and retreats offer courses through the year, this be.es easier. You also need to plan your financials in advance as not just will there be travel and course expenses; you need to have enough money to run you through .fortably after loss of in.e because of your time off from work. 5.Test the waters- do some teaching: Many yoga enthusiasts want to test waters after doing a 200 hour course. While you will need more in depth knowledge to teach at serious level but there is no harm in taking local classes or teaching friends after the initial course. This will also allow you to gauge your personal inclination towards teaching. Once you decide that teaching is your course of action then a deeper, longer course is highly re.mended. 6.Make a niche for yourself in Yoga Once you take your courses and be.e a certified yoga instructor, it"is time to establish your practice. Think of an area of expertise that you can develop and market – it could be a unique style of teaching or it could be addressing the needs of a specific group say athletes or students. Find something that helps get you word of mouth and makes people .e back to you. In India, there are many popular yoga retreats in Goa, Dharmashala and Rishikesh and in other parts of the country. One thing unique about these cities is their spiritual atmosphere which makes yoga learning experience even better. If you intend to .e to India to take a yoga course you can pick up one of these cities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: