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A powerful | plaything and backpack, the Swedish brand continued to surprise you – Sohu technology plaything Zhi is love fan children’s personalized business platform, focus on mining and provide high-quality new life necessities. Regular toy shop, you can always find surprises. Plaything Jun also not afraid to tell you that we have recently landed a number of good package, they are full of tricks, distinctive. Bear the brunt of this is the "THULE" 15 inch backpack backpack. Some look familiar to you? Yes, we have in the article, recommended another bag of this brand. "Look at the THULE have had a strong outdoor equipment which are from a Swedish global brands — THULE. Born in 1942, THULE was the first to make a product for a Swedish fisherman. By 1955, they launched the first car outdoor equipment. Since then, THULE has been focused on the development of outdoor sports products, and outdoor sports enthusiasts have a high degree of recognition. In particular, their backpack series, has long been recognized by Apple’s official. Apple’s flagship store in the world and Apple’s official website, you can see the shadow of the THULE package. THULE bag in the use of the scene, there is a very detailed division: laptop backpack, Camera Backpack, hiking and backpacking, backpack, backpack, etc.. And all the bags will be through the Thule Test Center? (product testing center) extreme test, including: water resistant desert environment hot and cold, the Arctic environment, drop test, wind tunnel test, impact test, extension and collision test etc.. This model is Thule Departer 21L backpack, is one of its laptop backpack classification. Backpack with SafeEdge interlayer type structure, the protection of the computer inside the bag can hold 15 inch notebook computer. There is also a 10.1 inch tablet designed for sliding into the pocket. Enough to see how friendly it is to the equipment. From the exterior, the bag can be regarded as a classic leisure. Whether commuting or outdoor adventure, is a good choice. It can equip your daily skillfully will be arranged. Storage space is provided with a front backpack bag, you can put all kinds of power line and data line. Right corner also design a latchkey dark button, if you like Liu down students, often forget to go out with the key, I suggest you go with a perennial hanging here. This pocket above the backpack is called SafeZone, which is a patented THULE design. Is used to place some sunglasses, mobile phones and other fragile objects. By the way, if you need more space, SafeZo相关的主题文章: