After lights out the noisy Shaanxi 600 high school girls in the middle of the night was standing in plants war

After lights out the noisy Shaanxi 600 high school girls were standing at midnight – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Baoji on September 29th news (reporter Lei Kai) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported, because the girls noisy in the dorm, Shaanxi city of Baoji province Qishan County high school nearly 600 residential girls are teacher standing in the dormitory, Qishan County Education Department is investigating this matter. Some parents reflect to the media in late September 20th, Qishan Yidian senior high school because the high school girls night in the dormitory noisy, teacher dormitory will be nearly 600 girls collective standing in the early hours of the morning at about 5, some students are so cold. Yi Dian high school responsible person confirmed: let them stand is true. The night of the incident around 10:30 school dormitory, a girl with no accommodation to the school life, talking loudly in the dormitory, seriously affected the other students rest, teacher of this building will be nearly 600 girls from downstairs. But the responsible person, the students only in the outdoor station for half an hour, at 11 pm or so have all returned to the hostel to rest, and afterwards did not let the students stand in the corridor. Call Qishan County Education Sports Bureau reporter 5 pm today, said staff have set up an investigation group investigation, investigation group has not come back, no results, things to be clear after the investigation, will be timely feedback to reporters.相关的主题文章: