Agence France-Presse Hengda future will go to the European tour to develop the global market (video)

Agence France-Presse: Hengda future will go to Europe tour development of global market Hengda wins AFC Champions League moment, crazy scene! Agence France-Presse that Hengda future will go to a European tour in October 30th Hengda sports Tencent won the Super League six times, there is no doubt that the super overlord, and the two was AFC Champions League they are Asian giants. The Agence France-Presse will be called China Hengda Real Madrid (data), and said that Evergrande club has a global market development perspective, the original compiled as follows: Super Six Championships and won two AFC Champions League Hengda is just beginning, they are being compared to Manchester United and Real Madrid for comparison, they also hope to get worldwide recognition. In 2013, Hengda won the first AFC Champions League champion, started to become Asia’s first super club, the World Cup winner Lippi led the opponent can only live in the shadows. Later, another World Cup winner Scolari led Hengda won a AFC Champions League, and in the season finished in six consecutive years. Although the super club investment is also very large, but the dominance of Evergrande is still strong in Asia, also won a reputation, and now they aim at a higher goal. Some analysts said, Hengda will soon go to the European tour, the European tour of Asia like club to increase their leverage and the number of fans. Hengda let people see, as long as the money and determination, just a few years from the case because match-fixing can downgrade into Asian champions. (Gerd)相关的主题文章: