Airbag accidental opening failure the United States to investigate 150 thousand Nissan versa- aquaria

An unexpected bounce fault   America survey 150 thousand Nissan Versa– car, original title: balloon unexpected bounce fault in the United States 150 thousand Nissan Versa National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced in October 6th, the Nissan Versa (US version Tiida) airbag fault accident, will pop up, by the owner repeated complaints, Traffic Management Bureau will investigate. NHTSA recalled in the summary pointed out that the 2012 models will be a preliminary investigation of Nissan Versa, a total of up to 150 thousand. The side curtain airbag of a vehicle is likely to pop up when the front door is closed. It is not clear Nissan Versa airbag from which company, fortunately there is no incident related to the occurrence of the incident. Nissan promises to further identify the problem and work with the national highway traffic safety administration to solve the problem. At present, the Nissan Versa car is still the most expensive car, 2017 Versa starting at only $12 thousand and 800 (including $835 shipping). In addition, there is a $500 special edition suite available, including 15 inch alloy wheels, fog lights, 5 inch infotainment, rearview camera, leather wrapped steering wheel. Nissan hopes special edition can improve Versa sales. Versa9 month U.S. sales fell 36% to $11553. (internship compilation: Li Yumin reviewer: Liu Yang (Yang Bo), commissioning editor: Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: