Airport bus 2 people were killed in the crash of the driver was sentenced to 4 years speeding jodie foster

Airport bus 2 people fall accident killed the driver was sentenced to 4 years in a speeding morning news reporter Li Donghua in August 23, 2016, Gumou airport driving four bus lines to Huaxia viaduct, speeding and fail to observe the road ahead, the impact of a road maintenance vehicle and guardrail, causing the car 2 female passengers fell to the ground and died. Another 10 people were injured. The driver Gumou after the alleged crime of traffic accident, be prosecuted to the Pudong New Area people’s court. In November 24th, the court hearing, Gumou admitted in court judgment errors caused by the accident, the traffic accident crime court convicted, but mindful of the surrender and for the first time, and ultimately sentenced him to imprisonment for 4 years. Overspeed emergency brake mad hit the steering wheel in August 23, 2016 at about 9:30, Gumou driving Shanghai airport bus from the airport line four, Hongkou football stadium to Pudong airport to the Huaxia viaduct near Chuannanfeng highway exit when the accident happened. The time of the incident, the vehicle recorder screen display in good condition. Huaxia elevated road speed limit of 80 km, and according to the Public Security Department of the determination, when the speed of a Gu is 93 km, is speeding. The time of the incident, a road maintenance vehicle appeared in the airport bus ahead in the same lane, because want to clean up the garbage on the road and stopped, but Gumou fail to observe the road ahead, in the two car approaching, slammed on the brakes and turn the steering wheel to the right, the airport bus crash on the road maintenance vehicle, rushed to the right side of the wall and rebound back to the central isolation wall, causing the car female conductor Kang Wang and the passengers were thrown from the vehicle road crashed to the ground and died, another 10 passengers were injured. Gu said in a court: "I was wrong, I thought I would not hit the car, this is a low-level error." The passengers no seatbelt in the court also noted that the accident occurred when the car is not a passenger seat belt, car video screen display when the car passengers were all shock from the seat, two female passengers were thrown out of the window. Gumou said, according to the provisions of the Shanghai airport bus company, the passengers on the bus by the conductor stops according to remind passengers to wear seat belts, and verbal reminders. The day I did not care for a seat belt. I am very self reproach, the victims and the families of the victims, I can only say sorry." Gu left the tears of remorse in the courtroom, and bow to the families of the victims apology. The defender believes that Gumou for the first offense, over confident of their driving technology, leading to the accident, is criminal negligence. After the incident, the defendant actively engaged in the rescue of injured workers, with the relevant departments of law enforcement activities, there is a clear surrender of the plot. Ultimately, the court sentenced the defendant to commit a crime of traffic accident, the full responsibility for the road traffic accident, sentenced to four years.相关的主题文章: