All the car for $150 million upfront D round of investment, and borrowing transactions entrance into yuanjiao

All the car for $150 million upfront D round of investment, and borrowing transactions entrance into the car market after the eco – Sohu of science and technology in September 5, 2016, the leading domestic second-hand car business all car officially announced that it had completed D round of the first series of $150 million financing, new investors include Chinese rich capital, investment in people, the new capital and Jun MIPS capital. Strategic investment Tencent to invest in the round, along for the capital, the source of venture capital, redpoint early investors with investment. According to all the car data released in July 2016, monthly turnover exceeded 18000; two years cumulative turnover of more than 200000 vehicles; the current official website source in the car more than 60000 vehicles in the first half of 2016 increased by two times. It is reported that the financial aspect, all vehicles currently average loan amount is 63 thousand; the average car at the age of 3.4 years; the average mileage of 45 thousand kilometers, Li Jian said, so far, the city’s individual loans (loans of nearly 40% the highest permeability permeability of the United States more than 80%). Li Jian is expected in 2017, the size of all car loan loans will reach 10 billion yuan. After the entrance to occupy the transaction, everyone wants to open the car ecology, including the establishment of financial, insurance, maintenance, including automotive service system. Recently, the third party data agency QuestMobile announced a group of second-hand car electricity supplier data. Data show that in 2016 1-7 months, the total use of all App users car for 491 million 296 thousand and 100 minutes ahead of the second 60.9%, all car mobile terminal monthly active users rate: Android 35.48%, iOS was 36.4%, second and 14.6% respectively, leading to 11.4%; the total number of users reached 132 million 704 thousand and 800 times, leading second 25.2%.            相关的主题文章: