Almighty business MPV JAC refine M4 officially listed aizi

Almighty business MPV JAC refine M4 officially listed in October 30th, JAC’s almighty business MPV refine M4 officially listed, the price of 99 thousand and 800 -12.98 million. As for the domestic MPV market leader, JAC refine MPV series has gone through fifteen years of development, the cumulative gain of more than 700 thousand users, more JAC won the "MPV manufacturing experts" reputation. And the launch of the M4 based on the traditional advantage of refine refine MPV free space, reliable quality, driving more intelligent and efficient and decent comfortable ride experience, the creation of new period of the new fit the needs of users of public and business travel value, is regarded as a representative of the inheritance and sublimation of "Swiss wind MPV" a gilded signboard the. [violinist to refine M4 listing ceremony] with the times before fifteen years refine MPV business deduction classic [Shenzhen Ancheng JAC refine 4S shop sales director Ms. He Qi to refine M4 listed address] MPV in the domestic market, "refine" two words can be said to be representative of the classic car. Since its launch in 2002, JAC refine MPV with China the pace of economic development along the road. After the changes of the times, refine MPV also continued to upgrade, and by virtue of the performance space quality and excellent access to more and more consumers. And refine MPV user groups, has become an important contribution to Chinese economic development over the past fifteen years, and refine MPV to witness the time off. [Shenzhen Ancheng refine the 4S store general manager Mr. Deng Zhixian and Chang Li chairman for leasing refine M4 unveiled] achieve career blueprint in power generation dream of keeping pace with the times, the pursuit of excellence has been deeply implanted refine MPV gene. With the tide of the times into the new channel, the upgrading of consumption become the irreversible mainstream, evolving MPV refine from quantitative change to qualitative change. The fifteen years of deep insight into the MPV market based on the timely capture of consumers for public business car needs upgrading trend, and the grand launch of new models to refine M4, better fit the context of a new era of user demand. Free space intelligent business refine M4 value sublimation [Shenzhen Ancheng refine JAC 4S shop general manager Mr. Deng Zhixian and Chang Li chairman] and leasing photo refine M4 has a profound accumulation of fifteen years with 700 thousand users, "MPV manufacturing experts" to grasp the dynamic JAC to market demand is more accurate. Refine M4 as "refine MPV" a gilded signboard’s successor, the diverse needs of public business car are carried out in order to meet, to "all-round business MPV strength to provide consumers with high value choice. [Shenzhen Ancheng Jianghuai refine 4S shop sales consultant M4 refine product highlights to meet the needs of business people] to "simple fashion, business charm", refine M4 adhere to create ultra high quality standards, more business sense and business grade appearance, simple and elegant interior style in line with the current business car aesthetic trend. Space superiority refine MPV family in refine M4 who show more prominent, based on the characteristics of the large size of the body, the seat group.相关的主题文章: