American scholar the Columbo exchange claimed the lives of 34 people in the Western Hemisphere incubus

American scholars: Columbo exchange claimed 34 lives in the Western Hemisphere [Abstract]16, seventeenth Century, the proliferation of new microbes in the Americas, from a victim to another body, take the western hemisphere to 3/4 or more people’s lives. It’s like the pain caused by the disease in the Eurasian continent in the past 1000, concentrated in decades of time. This paper from the "1493:" the history of a species exchange, (U.S.) Charles · Mann traveled with sweet potato it looks like an ice cream cone. But as I discovered, the little boy eating a piece of raw sweet potato. His father took the top torn, exposing the inside of the orange flesh, the little boy once licked it, not just at the bottom of the sweet potato skin tear can be used as a handle. This is a farm about 480 kilometers northwest of Shanghai. In rural Chinese, sweet potato is often eaten raw, the Westerners like me it is rare. The little boy ran back until he was seeking a row of sweet potato weeding his shelter, I noticed I was staring at him. The father glared at me and I waved to apologize. Because I don’t know Chinese, so I can’t tell him that I wasn’t staring at his son, but the child stared at the hands of sweet potato. I can’t say it, I was all eyes because of the sweet potato is a symbol of 400 years worldwide occurrence of shock change. Potatoes originating in america. The Spanish ships in 1570s will be sweet potatoes shipped to Manila, then a Chinese boat captain from Spanish customs will sweet potato vines and into the basket a coil of rope together smuggled out. He will come back to this smuggling plant located in China southeast, and Taiwan across the sea in Fujian. At that time China is among the famine. The captain will be the son of sweet potato was introduced to the governor of Fujian, who then ordered farmers began planting sweet potato (i.e. exotic tubers). The end of the famine. Other areas to solve the food problem with sweet potato. Millions of lives saved. Since the three century, the food is not Chinese poor rice, but sweet potato. The China children is how to get his hand sweet potato? The answer is Columbo. Scientists see Columbo as a man who accidentally opened up a worldwide explosive biological exchange. After he set up the connection between the two hemispheres of the earth, thousands of species of animals and plants went on the mainland. This is the most important event in the history of life since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Historians called the "Columbo exchange, it is why Italy has tomato, orange, American Irish potato, Thailand pepper and sweet potato have Chinese – reason. Columbo exchange can largely explain why the British lost the American War of independence, why Mexico City has become the world’s first truly international city, and why millions of African slaves were transported across the Atlantic reluctant. In fact, it’s all about the subject of my book, the Columbo exchange. Sweet potato, and another species in America like corn, China does help out of the famine. But it.相关的主题文章: