Apple contact ar contact lens manufacturer epgl want to add this feature to IOS yvette yates

Apple AR EPGL for contact lenses manufacturers will join iOS EPGL to develop the function of the AR lenses Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 9th news, according to foreign media reports, although Apple has been on AR VR it halt the troops and wait, but the technology is not a small ambition. Recent news shows that apple is in contact with a company called EP global communications (hereinafter referred to as EPGL), the company’s products for AR contact lenses. Next week, the two companies will formally meet to discuss the integration of the product into the iOS platform. EPGL said on Twitter, 13 this month, they will meet with apple to discuss their products in the future of the iOS platform. This meeting is mainly introductory talk, Apple’s iOS platform is one of our alternative platforms, EPGL chairman Hayes said. Our products need to interact with the phone, while the iOS platform is one of the best alternative platform." Although the slow convergence of the mobile platform, but the evolution of the EPGL product is quite fast. Pictured above, EPGL has the circuit integration into the silicone hydrogel contact lenses, it can be directly projected image to the user in the field of chip. In addition to this AR contact lens, EPGL also holds a number of smart hidden glasses related patents. In recent years, they have also attracted the attention of the industry giants, in April this year, Johnson visual care department (production of contact lenses) showed a strong desire to acquire EPGL. Many technology giants think AR VR will become the future of mobile computing, VR devices have been developed for several years, and AR is just beginning to rise. However, Google, Microsoft and other companies have already had related products, and the mysterious Magic Leap is also ready to bring a new revolution, so Apple will not miss this good opportunity. As for the future we can use AR contact lenses, you have to look at the cooperation of the two companies. (compile Lv Jiahui)相关的主题文章: