Around the second-hand flea market become unable to stop the pleasure trip

Around the second-hand flea market become travel to stop the pleasure??? Travel, let me the most happy things, is visiting the local second-hand flea market, especially the art and the camera lens of the flea market. Look at those dazzling old antiques, old camera lens, there are always people buy shares to buy impulse. When I find a second-hand, good stuff, fatigue will be gone, if found an antique, it really is simply the price of cabbage radish, wild with joy. I remember the first time?? go to the flea market in foreign countries, is a small town in Tasmania called Ross, a second-hand shop is full of groceries, they used the debris, what have I bought several old silver spoon, if not also in Australia around 18 days, almost back back a large vintage movie projector. From then on, the second-hand flea market is completely defenseless, can be said to be unable to stop. In Turkey town of Bergama, Japan Kobe, Australia Sydney, Hongkong Apliu street in Tel Aviv, Israel, Greece, Nave Plihon, everywhere, will go to the flea market to find those humble, as long as time permits, I will be in enjoy shopping enough. ? a few days ago, that the Hongkong second-hand camera at the weekend flea market opened, then quickly rushed to Hongkong Shek Kip Mei, that permit has expired but also didn’t care, finally in the Futian port site do renew. Because this is the last grand finale of the Hongkong International Photography Festival, only once a year is two days over the weekend, missed, must wait until next November. I do not know is not everyone dislike these words and second-hand flea, formerly known as Hongkong photography equipment flea market, this year into the middle Hongkong camera market, in fact, "medieval" in Japanese is "secondary". Hongkong second-hand camera? The size of the market is not great, free is not particularly high, every year is the Jockey Club Creative Arts Center in Hongkong held the atrium lobby, from Futian port car to Kowloon Tong, then take the MTR to the Shek Kip Mei Station, from the C exit right, it is easy to see the art center roof the JCCAC English signs. I took part in a number of second-hand camera market in Hongkong, is held every year in November, a lot of people ask me, what is the number of November held? In fact, the specific date of each year is different, the only certainty is that in November. ? everyone has a strong memory, the memories of the past, always at a certain node, triggering of old things resonate, so people always to those old things will have special feeling, it should be said that the second-hand goods carrying the memories of past time perhaps, is a good memory. Every time I go to Hongkong?? although the second-hand market in Hongkong, I did not buy what the camera or lens, but still want to buy desire, every time I was carrying a camera, want to buy a match, cheap, like antique camera, that kind of feeling, like I used to the former is obsessed with fishing, a fantasy to catch a big fish, that excitement can’t sleep sleep, in fact, expectant sense is the same. This second-hand camera?相关的主题文章: