Ashes grade true love powder! The little brother Chiai three Sen bell in all of its activities-aizi

Ashes grade true love powder! The little brother Chiai three Sen bell in all of its activities, three Sen bell is a well-known Japanese female voice actors, singers, actors, are born in Tokyo, the firm is ringing. Recently in a Japanese variety show, there was a man named Stephen British brother. He will participate in all activities related to the three Sen, which makes many people feel shocked, he is totally three Sen bell hardcore fans, friends shouted rot in chicory please accept my gratitude. Three Sen bell starred in "detective Holmes" in the opera girl Sherlock · Shirley Fuld, "the ancient Valley swaying Lily" sunflower, "vitality" of the edge node girl God Momosono Nanana, "LoveLive!" in Sonoda Haimi. Three Sen bell whether in the world or seiyuu (Yan Yi) performing arts circles have certain achievements, has a large number of fans is not what amazing things. But the British Stephen brother, belonging to three Sen group TO, and "Milky Holmes" earlier to London performances into the pit. TO mission is to participate in all three Sen’s activities, of course, Japan does not have to say, three Sen’s overseas activities will participate. This is not the general level of the ashes of true love powder is rare. A voice before the three bell "Kurokawa Sen bell" name in musicals and drama activities. There are times in the stage when asked to try when the character then turned to the voice of community activities. From July 2009 to October, the girl idol group Cutie Pai ", a member of the Tokyo," the identity of activities. 2010, starred in "detective Holmes" teenage opera, and the other three also starred in the blue sky, Sasaki Mirai de seiyuu wells, the orange Tian Quan Group "Milky Holmes with voice actors". In December 31, 2012, announced the debut as a singer in the name of the individual. In 2015, won the singing award in the ninth echo Award (‘s). Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: