Because of dissatisfaction with the Ji’nan old man checked the bus card to catch the driver arm also noiseware

Because of dissatisfaction with the Ji’nan old man checked the bus card to catch the driver arm also hit his head because of the driver required travel documents dissatisfaction, a nearly seventy years old man pushed the running in the driver, the driver would like to play with the cup head. 11 am, Ji’nan on the way to the bus occurred on such a thrilling scene, but fortunately the passengers in a timely manner to stop the 66. The old man is catching the driver’s arm. Video screenshot 11, about 10:30 in the morning, 66 driver Zhang Guofeng driving the vehicle to the Youth Road site, a gray haired old man after nearly seventy passengers last year. Zhang master in accordance with the requirements, please show him the old free ride card. It was the old man a hand holding a cup, may the cup with a rope hanging in the bus card. After the inspection, I told him ‘thank you’." Master Zhang said, but when the vehicle starts out of the station, the old man suddenly walked in front of them ablaze with anger asked: "what do you check my boarding card ah!" Zhang master can only patiently explained: I am in accordance with the requirements of the company to check, not deliberately for you." But this did not reduce the old man’s anger, he suddenly shouted, pushing hands to the driver, still holding the hands of the cup to hit the head of the driver. "I heard the old man in front of the car up, the old man also started to grab the driver’s arm, but was driving a car, ah, a car people, too dangerous!" At that time, the passengers on the bus, said Lee, he saw this scene quickly stepped forward to stop discouraging the elderly. At the same time, aware of the danger of the master Zhang quickly stopped the bus side. The old man passed on to Mr. Lee on the anger. "He called me, I also want to make use of the cup." Mr. Lee said. Driver Zhang went to discourage the old man, apologized to the elderly. I can not give the old man, I’m sorry, I apologize to you, you see this car, do not delay the time." Zhang said the master, when the car is a lot of passengers have expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of the elderly. "The old man might feel his face is not hanged, sat down, but he still Mamalielie, finally in Shungeng Road Ring Road under the car." Master Zhang said, when he felt himself particularly aggrieved, but calm the mood or continue to invest in the operation. "I get off the springs in the park, he also said to me. The old man is yilaomailao, too much." Passenger Lee said that a car passenger safety is not a trivial matter, the elderly can not be too capricious". "To tell you the truth, I was crying when a big man came back. I drove for 8 years, Jinan people spoke very good, it is the first time that the elderly passengers." Run the car back, Zhang Guofeng still some emotional fluctuations, the team deliberately cut his running in a circle, let him calm down. "The company, hit not strike back, scold not return, we encountered such a situation only with passengers." Reporters learned from the 66 road team, after viewing the video, the team decided to apply to the driver Zhang Guofeng grievance award". "Hope that passengers can understand our drivers, we work together to create a civilized and safe driving environment相关的主题文章: