Beijing to explore the establishment of garbage classification, no collection disciplinary pilot – C

Beijing exploration of the setting of garbage "no classification, do not collect" new network in Beijing Xinhua News Agency – disciplinary pilot on 1 November, (reporter Guan Guifeng) reporter from the Beijing City Administration Committee was informed that Beijing will strengthen the waste classification appraisal and assessment, the garbage mixed problem of "zero tolerance", at the same time to carry out "garbage classification quality, time," and "no pilot, explore a set of garbage classification, do not collect" disciplinary pilot, promote residents source classification. Beijing City Management Committee of the relevant responsible person said, in the current and future period of time, the main direction of waste classification in Beijing city is to promote garbage collection and transportation system and the recycling system of renewable resources combined, to achieve source reduction and resource utilization, achieve classification delivery, classified collection, classification, classification of transportation. From the future of Beijing city garbage classification will focus on resource recovery, wet and dry, the implementation of community situ reduction through water reduction, weight loss, separation of kitchen waste, by setting a fixed collection point, or the community network terminal (APP), telephone booking home recovery mode, the realization of information statistics. Beijing city will be from the classification on the collection and sorting, transport classification processing four aspects of appraisal appraisal, create a "boutique residential garbage", there is no mixed phenomenon, residents participation rate of more than 40% barrels of kitchen waste, green pure rate reached more than 80%. Beijing will launch a "garbage classification, quality, time and pilot in Chaoyang District Jinsong street, set the barrels of different sizes, VAT set of mixed waste, kitchen waste garbage bucket set, according to different categories in different collection time, make the classification collection and classification of transport.相关的主题文章: