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Beijing – VIDEO – Hebei Paralympic athletes returned a total of 13 gold broke 6 world records for Hebei Paralympic athletes returned a total of 13 gold breaking 6 world records [comment] in September 22nd, on behalf of Chinese in Rio Paralympic athletes from Hebei back to Shijiazhuang. In the Shijiazhuang Railway Station, the victorious return Paralympic athletes received a warm welcome. The person in charge of the Hebei provincial federations, for every athlete flowers. A lot of passengers and high-speed rail workers have a photo with athletes. It is understood that, in preparation for the Rio Paralympic Games, these athletes have been away from home for 10 months, and even the Spring Festival did not go home. Rio Paralympic champion Cui Yanfeng told reporters, boarded the Paralympic podium, watching the national flag rising in the national anthem, the heart is full of moving. The same period [] (Rio T54 wheelchair 4× 400 meters relay champion Cui Yanfeng?) disabled to participate in the Olympic Games is more meaningful, more can reflect a kind of hard work, unremitting self-improvement spirit. Should also reflect a kind of social treatment of the disabled a fair, equal treatment. [?] the same period (the Rio Olympics T53 wheelchair racing 100 meters champion Huang Lisha?) this is the third time to participate in the Olympic Games, as a disabled person to participate in the Olympic Games is not easy. The start of training camp for 10 months now, 10 months did not go home, especially home people. [comment] according to the vice president of Hebei CDPF Zhang Guosheng, the Rio, a total of 20 athletes from Hebei on behalf of Chinese competition, in athletics, shooting, table tennis and so on, they won 13 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze medals, and 6 people have broken 6 world records. The same period [] (Hebei province CDPF vice chairman Zhang Guosheng) to come back later, we participated in the Rio Paralympic Games, our province, will be a serious summary. We want to Yangchangbuduan, the new extension, continue to take our sports for the disabled, do better, in particular, to more attention, sports, sports and sports rehabilitation, fusion, coordinated development. Ai Guangde Chen poetry rain Hebei Shijiazhuang reported相关的主题文章: