Beijing – VIDEO – the national youth card campaign will be the first to start covering 19

The National Youth Beijing – VIDEO – Card Games will start the first nationwide 19 city youth card games to start the first will cover 19 cities [comment] September 10th, 2016 "National Youth Travel Card cup card intelligence contest held the launching ceremony in Beijing, under the auspices of a contest by China care Generation Committee of public cultural center, deputy director of China concerned about the next generation Committee, Yang Zhihai attended the public cultural center director Li Guoqiang, also announced that the game will be carried out simultaneously in the 19 city and area. [comment] Chinese Education Association Deputy Director of children’s school education branch Wang Zhenmin introduced, the traditional chess project interesting, and for the auxiliary sex education for young people, this kind of education game is a powerful supplement to traditional education, promotion card contest will also help the education game. The same period []: Chinese Education Association Deputy Director of children’s school education branch Wang Zhenmin game is one of the means of sports, is a kind of cultural entertainment, the game is divided into intellectual games, game activities and competitive game, education of the characteristics of educational game determines the educational value, he has fun, interactive. The challenge, a challenge mechanism and incentive mechanism, to meet the needs of the new curriculum reform and the current education, educational games and mobile learning gradually into public view, it can not only create a pleasant environment for the students, but also can effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of students, to stimulate students’ learning motivation, make students to experience the fun of learning in the course of the game. [interpretation] card game among the confrontational and competitive factors for the development of children’s thinking ability, judgment ability, organizational ability, etc. also have a great role. The contest started the scene, the card card design colorful, diverse tactics are set up to attract a lot of attention of young people, with the help of the staff, hundreds of young people in 221 groups, catch on the athletic field, playing awfully, the parents of the students think, in the premise of completed work, to participate in this game is very child support. [the same period]: students are more fun. I think this can help us communicate better, but as far as I am concerned, I still find it fun. [student]: this game can develop our intelligence, and develop our team communication skills. The same period []: the parents of the students I think the children completed the study situation, try this game, it is still useful, for logical thinking, the child’s memory capacity, including interest, and the interpersonal EQ training is still very good. [comment] according to the introduction, in 2016 the National Youth Cup tour card card intelligence contest, Division main activities in the 19 city and area, activity time from October 2016 to the end of December, the division winners will gather in Beijing for the finals. Reporter Jean Bao Beijing reports相关的主题文章: