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Food-and-Drink Foodies and people who love to cook have only one passion and that is different cuisines-tasting them, making them and sharing them. For foodies, exploring different cuisines is more like a hobby. They dont eat only to kill time or their hunger; they eat whenever they hear of a new recipe or of a new restaurant. If you go to try your hands on each one of them, the list is too long. There are many cuisines in this world, but when we talk of India, the most preferred is sea food. Sea food is mostly preferred and loved by Asians. In India, one city that is known for seafood is Mumbai. Mumbai being a city that has been home to many fishing colonies in the past, sea food is undoubtedly the best here. Seafood of Mumbai better than the rest: Look for the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai and you will get a list of names. You can create a bucket-list like travelers do and explore each of these restaurants one by one at different times. This task wouldnt be a tough, especially for people who love food. Mumbai being known for good and delicious seafood, you dont have to worry about the taste of it. Its sure to be mesmerizing enough for you to go back to that place. For closer options, Navi Mumbai also caters to sea food: If you are a resident of Navi Mumbai and do not wish to go to a far off place to eat, you can always look for a sea food restaurant in Navi Mumbai. They too have good options. In fact some restaurants have their chains opened in Navi Mumbai too. Sea food is basically fishes cooked and fried in different ways experimenting with different flavors and spices. You can look for the best restaurant and accordingly make a visit to those places. Shellfish is also one dish in sea food that you may want to try. Seafood restaurant in Navi Mumbai have dishes that are mixed with international sauces as well. Being a foodie, exploring them will help you get closer to the depth of these different styles and the secret behind this yummy taste. In many parts of the world, seafood is considered as an important source vitamins and proteins. And they say fishes are good for proteins, so they improve your health. The prices of fishes that get served in the best restaurants always have prices based on the size of the fish. Also every restaurant will have different and varied taste and that is because the style of cooking differs from one to one. But either ways, if you have chosen to go to the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai , you are sure not to be disappointed for they have the best chefs and they have a very clean hygiene system. The fishes in good restaurants will be cleaned properly leaving no odor of any kind. So it all depends on where you go for a sumptuous dinner or lunch with your set of people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: