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Beware of the "electronic nanny" become "wolf" — Education — original title: beware of "electronic nanny" become "grandma wolf" (a) this scene you must not strange: high iron, almost every child with a touch screen, immersed, and at the same time playing mobile phone overwhelmed with joy. Parents NT; the hotel, in front of a cartoon doll broadcast mobile phone, eat a meal can turn the parents; at home, watching cartoons, playing games resorted big move, parents took the opportunity to steal a lazy child…… Now, let the phone, tablet, TV and other electronic nanny to see the child, seems to have become a new trend. Experts believe that electronic products have a unique advantage in the development of the child’s attention, hand eye coordination, to stimulate interest in learning, but if not sure, the degree of efficiency, "nanny" becomes "grandma wolf", vision, intelligence, physical and other baby swallows. China Internet Information Center data show that as of the end of 2015, Internet users under the age of 19 accounted for about 24.1% of all Internet users, of which less than 10 years of age of Internet users over the age of 18 million. "Net" in the younger age, people enjoy the "nanny" convenience, the hidden trouble behind the need to pay enough attention to. Electronic nanny beverages. The first is the damage to the eyes, and now, a lot of small glasses myopia early, heavy, and excessive use of electronic products are inseparable. Long term posture of electronic products, cervical spondylosis and lack of exercise will lead to problems, language development will be affected. A British survey shows that children with language disorders increased by 6 in the past 71% years, and smart phones, games and other electronic products into children’s lives have a certain relevance. Because the use of electronic products is a passive, one-way communication, and the normal form of social differences, so that children indulge in electronic products rather than daily life, will give the child language development adversely affected. Electronic nanny hurt heart". Childhood is a critical period of early imagination and attention. Scientists have done experiments, the same is the story of snow white, a group of kids to read or listen to the story, another group of watching cartoons, the former results, whether it is the ability to repeat or memory, are more accurate and more stable than the latter. In terms of imagination, the former one thousand children in mind there are one thousand snow white, the latter was imprisoned imagination, the hearts of only one child in the snow white princess one thousand. For infants and young children, because the animation than pictures, text more vivid, obsessed, will lose interest in books; because the electronic game than the tag, diushou Juan more fun, children will be in the virtual world carefree unceasingly, but has become the real world with no reality whatever…… In the future, children do not love to go to school, fear of getting along with people, are likely to come. In terms of attention, psychologists have found that children watch TV before the age of 3 years, and the incidence of attention deficit disorder is closely related. Because the electronic product sensory stimulation, let the children immerse themselves in the passive, it is difficult to extricate themselves, will eventually lead to addiction. Internet addiction has been identified as the international community a mental illness, according to a survey of Internet addiction in children)相关的主题文章: