Buffalo come to China to play for the money was originally wanted to renew the contract (video)-3u8895

To play China bison for money and wanted to renew [] Yongchang Luneng battle 1-1 left home court flat buffalo head mallet Mathews burst into the Chinese sports Tencent in October 10th this summer, with Shandong Luneng to introduce two new foreign aid, "bison" Alois Theo was loaned to Hebei Huaxia happiness. Recently, Alois Theo accepted the media interview in Brazil, he revealed that he had wanted Luneng to sign a new contract, but eventually had to accept the fate of leave, even so, in the case is still under contract with us, he did not completely deny the possibility to stay in the Chinese. "I can understand why some players don’t stay in China because I’ve been through something like that," he said. Not everyone is fit to stay in China, and if one wants to go back to Brazil for six months, he will not be able to adapt to china." Alois Theo said, "I have to continue in Chinese ideas, and want to have a serious occupation career here. Now, I enjoy life in china. Of course, if someone says he doesn’t play football for China, he must be lying." The following is an interview: Q: Why did you choose to transfer this summer? Alo: Luneng had wanted to sign a new contract with me for three years, and everything is ready, but ultimately did not sign, they have been waiting for me. I underwent knee surgery at the end of last year, but I still want to see my return. Even if I was injured, I have been trying to help the team, I am some of the practice of dissatisfaction, because they treat me like a rubber ball. In the end, I said I didn’t want to play for the team and asked to be traded. Q: are there any other suggestions? Arlo: was there a lot of teams want me, Huaxia happiness is one of them, they give my agent to the phone, and made a very good condition. At first, I wanted to go back to Brazil, but because I have a contract with Luneng, can not restore the body, so the exclusion of an option. Q: how are you getting along with your new team? Arlo: two years ago, I went to a lot of balls in luneng. I know China very well, so I feel more comfortable in china. To the Chinese happy, is my occupation career a very correct choice, this is a new club, a rising investment is large, like Ravitch and gervinho has brought such a big star. The coach is Pellegrini. He is a good coach and I learned a lot from him. Q: how long do you plan to stay in China? Arlo: I thought that by the end of next year, I will return to Brazil at the end of the contract. But now, let’s see how things develop. I’ll try and talk to people who come to China, let’s sit down and talk about it. I still have one more year to think about everything. Now, I’m focused on helping china. Q: why many Brazil players in China can not be successful? Arlo: everything is hard in the beginning, in any country, this is a complicated problem. Of course, China may be more difficult, because their culture is very different from Brazil相关的主题文章: