By water in the Lishui streets, around the time [eleven] – special crape myrtle tourism Sohu

By water in the Lishui streets, around the time [eleven] – special crape myrtle tourism Sohu South Water Town, Lishui streets to say what particular, or what impressed me most is what I will tell you — people. Here, the locals than tourists, walking in them, you will actually feel the Romans, life like the locals fun. This is not at the entrance of the brook, brook summer cool, local girl would like to use the stream above Shibanqiao when washing in washing clothes, the young are busy Fishing Creek fish and shrimp. Although it is summer time here seemed to slow down. The pond is still green, vibrant. Go to the streets at the entrance of Lishui, local people are gathered to chat in the pavilion. After a few years, maybe people do not know where to go, the entrance of large water tankers still. In a Plaza, is a bridge across the Lishui Lake Bridge, called the bridge of Lishui. Built in the Ming Jiajing thirty-seven years (1558), the bridge has been hundreds of years of vicissitudes of life, still sturdy. Lishui bridge is a three arch stone bridge, consisting of 48 stone, forty-eight "is implied". When standing on the shore, looking at the old, old stone, simple dress with a smile of the local villagers and visitors cross the picture, I can not say there is a feeling in the heart. Everything here like the isolated world, not disturbed by the outside world, people at a very slow pace, no heavy traffic, no shortness of the sound of the horn, only when the insects and birds, perhaps a Alice Xianyou dream. Lishui water dike Rock Village streets built in the eastern edge of the village, the water dike was built in the Ming jiajing. The history of the local clan regulations on the dike yesterday, only plant trees and flowers and the pavilion built, to house – building business. To the Qing Dynasty, rock village long beach became the only way which must be passed off the salt. Not wanted here today is still blooming, the commercial atmosphere is not strong, but showed a rare piece of being quiet. If I have a brush, I think this is the best time of the year. Who can imagine the passage of time, here in the Northern Song Dynasty Songyang Yanqing temple tower is still tall and straight, not long street was the famous Ming Dynasty playwright, author of "the Peony Pavilion" the former residence of Tang Xianzu in hiding. Whim I let the streets across the geese took me to visit the corner here. The first hour poem is "goose, song song of the day", but actually Pro distance to see the goose so carefree and content is the first time. Stroll, as if here is the site. Head of wings, as if in proudly claimed that he is a member of the Lishui streets. An old man and a young man was sitting in the front of beauty on sit down and talk, the head of the tiles fanzhuolvtai here, leisurely people envy. According to the water built promenade, along with the water potential winding. If time is enough, I would like to stay here for a few days. Because here because there is full of human flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, feeling, a figure is a beautiful picture, a chat can be closed.相关的主题文章: