Cai Guoqing’s wife’s name suspected exposure outsiders have never exposed surface (video) actv

The name Cai Guoqing wife of suspected exposure: outsiders had not seen after surface [Abstract] Cai Guoqing’s marriage status has been a mystery, said even if the circle of friends, also saw his son, I saw him out with his wife. Cai Guoqing and his son Alyssa Chia’s daughter Cai Guoqing have a fever suspected posting admit married Tencent entertainment news on September 23rd, the son of Cai Guoqing a photograph of the media headlines, Cai Guoqing also admitted that already married, and have a 7 year old son, and the son in the fourth quarter is confirmed with "daddy go" (watch). However, many users of this reaction is confused: Cai Guoqing ye have a so big son? Who is the mother of the child? Have you found Cai Guoqing in 2015 in a book called "ryujo" book, he thanked the last column of loved ones at the back of the book, written by Qin Juan and Cai Xuanzheng two names, the names have been recognized for his parents, brother and other relatives. So the user guess, these two names is the name of Cai Guoqing’s wife and son. Users also broke the news that Qin Juan is from Guizhou, worked in Beijing Qingfengxiang colorful Yunnan teahouse, when Cai Guoqing claimed to be single, so do not rule out Cai Xuanzheng is the illegitimate child two people may be, but this message can’t be confirmed. After Cai Guoqing had to admit his feelings of paragraph two, the first girlfriend is a American girl named Ace, two people for performing acquaintance, and up to five years of courtship, but in the end, Cai Guoqing gave up the idea to marry us; second girlfriend called Redding, is Swiss, and eventually can not solve the problem because of breaking up places. After the marriage of Cai Guoqing and the state has been a mystery, said even if the circle of friends, also saw his son, I saw him out with his wife.相关的主题文章: