Castro’s anecdotes will use chopsticks to eat very sweet scented osmanthus wine drink bloxorz

Castro’s anecdote: drink sweet scented osmanthus wine original title: Castro will eat with chopsticks broth osmanthus wine to drink with chopsticks like   broth; from September 1993 to December 1995, Xu Yicong served as ambassador to Cuba Chinese. Just two years time, he spoke with Castro more than and 10 times, two degree frequent people meet and even jealousy among other countries envoys". In the eyes of Xu Yicong, and he is 12 year old Castro is not only a superior politician, is an amiable and respectable old brother. On the afternoon of November 26th, Xu Yicong told the cover story about his 50 years of experience with Castro. Held in July 25, 1992 in Spain Barcelona twenty-fifth Olympic Games opening ceremony, Fidel · Castro stood up to greet the Cuba sports delegation fist. The Xinhua News Agency "from the beginning to hear his name to feel admiration, then have a chance to see him after I left Cuba, he still remember me, my concern." Xu Yicong said that Castro is very friendly, very humorous speech. Sometimes he will call at noon, "I come to you, ‘I said, I welcome you to. At the dinner table, he would pick it up and eat it on the table." Xu Yicong recalls, Castro used in tableware better, you can use the chopsticks to put things inside clip out to eat. After dinner, he did not move the knife and fork, but also joked, today, Ambassador Xu did not give me to eat, I did not even knife and fork." Xu Yicong once asked Castro’s brother Raul for dinner, then Castro looked at him and said, "why don’t you ask someone to eat me? You are not Raul please eat pork?" After that, Xu Yicong gave him a whole pig seat". He went back to thank the phone, and later gave Xu Yicong a live pig, nearly 600 pounds. Castro love to eat Chinese food, also love to drink the sweet osmanthus wine China. Xu Yicong said, "I asked him (to eat), he wants these things, I will give him ready. He went to China to visit, live in the Diaoyutai, to find the sweet osmanthus wine to the field, the plane also ask. I told him later, you go to the store to spend more than 3 yuan to buy a bottle. He really went and bought it." Xu Yicong recalls, Castro often give the Chinese people to send their own things, including quail, duck, and he caught the fish, he likes to fish in the deep sea, gave us a few dozen." Xu Shicheng, a 74 year old professor of Chinese Studies in Latin America, has been in contact with Mr. Castro. He recalls, Castro office wall Cuban poet Marty and Jose · · a portrait of Guevara, Kaon never asked the Secretary to speak, not prepared in advance, can speak for several hours, the application data is never wrong. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: