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Watch less TV children VS children who often watch TV, so different – Sohu [picture] maternal attention selection, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! A few years ago, the British experts have submitted a report to Congress, proposed the government to enact laws to prohibit parents to let children younger than 3 years of watching tv. Fantasy novel Charlie and the chocolate factory, there is a line: "10 million, 10 million, do not let the child, close to your TV, it is best not to buy, install, this is the most stupid thing". British education expert Martin · Lawson said: "if you can let the children watch TV before the age of 12, they will benefit for life." Before the advent of television, children learn by reading. Today, information has been by others before digestion, re synthesis, re packaged, and then accurately transmitted to our children’s living room, they only need to be captured the audience sit on the line where the children chew all kinds of processed food and information. Depending on the bias of television programs and entertainment activities, they are constantly bombarded with media growth type. As adults in the workplace increasingly busy, more and more parents neglect their children, give up on their shape and influence, and allow the media to influence them. Because 0-3 is the most critical period of life, children need to develop and construct the self in the real world, give the child to the virtual world on the screen, in addition to let the parents easily, is a benefit without harm. One disadvantage: watching TV instead of children’s play, and play is extremely important to the growth of children. Disadvantages two: watching TV hinders the child’s language development, because watching TV is one-way, language learning needs to be achieved through communication. Disadvantages three: watching TV hindered the development of the child’s imagination, because the child is in a passive indoctrination. Harm four: watching TV to limit the child’s feelings, feel rich experience to get a better development of children. Disadvantages five: watching TV more children do not concentrate, so that children learn more difficult in the future. Harm six: watch TV more lead to reduced activity, so that the child’s physical coordination ability to reduce. Harm seven: many children watch TV to receive information without thinking habits, lazy thinking and exploration. Disadvantages eight: watching TV more children’s poor interpersonal skills, because of the lack of interaction between people experience. Disadvantages nine: watching TV addiction, watching TV more children will be affected by the TV shopping consumption, develop bad habits. The difference between watching TV and reading, scientists use experiments to illustrate the problem. Scientists divide the children into two groups, one group is listening to the teacher tells the story of snow white, a group is to see snow white cartoon. After two groups of children to draw the mind of the snow white princess. Listen to the story of the children draw the snow white is not the same, and the children will be based on imagination, given the different image of snow white, costumes and expressions; see the cartoon children, painted!相关的主题文章: