China’s largest oil and gas fields in the past six months to profitability a loss of 1 billion 400 m

The largest oil field Chinese half Turnaround: a loss of 1 billion 400 million to 2 billion 300 million profit in Changqing Oilfield (map) original title: China largest oil field Madness: from a loss of 1 billion 400 million to 2 billion 300 million as the first profit Chinese oil and gas field, Changqing Oilfield a quarter loss of 1 billion 400 million yuan in the two quarter, then quickly achieved profitability, as of August earnings of more than 2 billion 300 million, very rare. In addition to the rebound in oil prices, technical upgrading is the main reason for its rapid turnaround. As the first China large oil and gas fields, Changqing Oilfield in the first half of this year’s performance as the rollercoaster ride". The first quarter of this year, the oil exploration sector as the first Jukui, Changqing oil field oil’s oil is no exception. The operating data of Changqing Oilfield show that losses in the first quarter of 1 billion 400 million yuan. But with the two quarter rebound in oil prices, Changqing Oilfield just three months to achieve a turnaround, profit 235 million yuan in the first half. As of August this year, Changqing oil revenue 59 billion 100 million yuan, profit 2 billion 372 million yuan, taxes paid 7 billion 700 million yuan. Different with other profitable upstream oil projects Chinese, Changqing Oilfield itself is very difficult for the benefit of non conventional oil mining, and its natural gas business accounted for the overall revenue share is not large. From the international oil price on the first half of this year, the average price is about $39.6 a barrel, in order to calculate the Changqing Oilfield comprehensive single barrel costs must be even lower than $30 at about $30, to be in such a low price to achieve profitability. From the beginning of the low so far, international oil prices have continued to rebound, the recent stabilization of more than $50 a barrel. However, Changqing Oilfield still dare not let down. Again if there is a greater degree of decline in oil prices, Changqing Oilfield into a loss again can not rule out the possibility of. Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter at the end of September to Xi’an and Yinchuan, visited Changqing Changqing Oilfield and its subsidiary oilfield three plant, trying to restore the truth behind the turnaround. Technology upgrades to the world’s major oil producing countries, the overall cost of view, the lowest cost of $8.99 in Saudi arabia. The single barrel cost around $30 to calculate, Changqing Oilfield single barrel cost is lower than Nigeria, Brazil and other major oil producing countries. Due to the lack of relevant data, the reporter can not compare the difference between the current cost of a single major domestic oil fields. Nevertheless, the final data from the business perspective, similar to this in Changqing Oilfield, low oil prices in a short period of time to achieve profitability of oil companies are still very rare. It is worth noting that the media after the disclosure of the basis of shale oil mining costs plunged in recent years, driven by capital, down from two years ago to nearly $40 to $23.35 a barrel now fell by more than 40% barrels. The main driving force for the decline in the cost of this single barrel, from the upgrading of mining technology. "Changqing Oilfield is in the stone seam inside the oil squeezed out, the reservoir rocks are very dense, like the same grindstone." Changqing Oilfield Development Department Mei Qiliang told reporters, "foreign experts do not think that this block can realize the benefits of mining." As unconventional oil and gas in Changqing Oilfield, the technology upgrade costs.相关的主题文章: